The Avoidance

She turned to face a different direction
And made sure not to look his way
Forced herself to maintain a blank expression
While never having a thing to say.

Supposedly there was security in exile—
This notion kept her quiet
Until eventually she forgot how to smile,
And her voice was forever silent.

With time she'd barricaded herself inside
A world of which no one knew
And it was here she decided to stay and hide...
Just to avoid feeling blue.

Because she was tired of the destruction
That came about so much it was routine
It was because of a little obstruction
They had made out to be obscene.

So by nights she stared into the dark
And picked at every little detail
Hoping one would give her a spark—
An idea of why they were unwell.

But even if she came across a solution
It would never be seen nor heard
Because she put herself in an institution
Of isolation for something so very absurd.

And because neither one will dare to speak
This pairing splits into teams of one
Wrapping up a near eight-month streak
When avoidance made them come undone.