In the chest of a wounded girl
Beats a heart that threatens to shatter.
She's been at war with the whole world
Unsure if her opinion even matters.

She's been twisting and turning
With every chance she has received
Because her feelings have been burning
Since the day she was deceived.

And does the world deserve a second chance
To convince her that things are okay?
Or will the world simply put her into trance
To do it all again some day?

A gullible soul is doomed from the start
Especially when so naive as to open up her life
To a world that would drop such a fragile heart
Onto the end of a long and painful knife

One that's now lodged deep within her back
A blade that causes pain with her every breath
Because of honesty the world dared to lack,
Everything's heading towards its death.

In her eyes, crystal gems of salted pain
Tracing slowly down her flushing face
As she wonders why all of this rain
Has to fall and flood this place.

And was it that the world planned it out?
Did the world really want her to fall?
Or were better intentions lost in all the doubt
Until the world finally lost it all?

A kingdom begins to die,
Falling to destruction
And the only question in her mind is why
The world resorted to dishonest instruction.

Now she tries to lose her loving dependence—
Loves the world but is terribly afraid to let it in.
She wants desperately to believe in reassurance
But right now she's letting the heartache win.