The Last Surrender

I could say I'd never dare
But lately insanity is the key
Unlocking the winding stairs
That will finally set me free.

And when it happens, leave me exposed
So all will know that I have died.
Let my problems simply decompose...
Don't bury them in formaldehyde.

Life just became an overrated game
With rules that I just couldn't follow.
I'm tired of the burden that is my name...
And the misery in which it wallows.

And they say that selfish is she
Who extinguishes her own candle.
Then selfish is what I'll always be
For this life I cannot handle.

Let me retreat now into the depth
Of the darkness in which I truly belong
You might think this was an untimely death...
But I knew it all along.

The hour of reckoning will finally arrive
When the sky loses sight of the setting sun.
I leave no note with which I may survive
Because deep down I know this must be done.

Dig me a bed deep down in the ground
And leave me there for my forever sleep.
Never more will my tears be audible sound...
Forever the dark secrets I will keep.

There was so much I never dared to say,
And I hope I'm not one to be remembered.
And I know that my memory will fade one day
Long after my final surrender.