Can you see

All those drops of tears

Lying there on the ground?

I can

They're surrounding me

In a pool of liquid


Reflecting my own

Plain complexion

My own


Another drop falls

From the riveted surface

That is my cheek

And into the mass

Ripples expanding

Crossing my path

In all directions

Surrounding me

A fence of circles

It's impossible to escape

The dread of the tears

Marking each experience

That I haven't been able

To leave behind

I'm drowning in them

And I need

To come up for air

But suddenly

Another ripple appears

One that isn't started

By my own pathetic tears

It's you

Rising up out of the surface

Of my ocean of tears

Facing me head on

Not looking away

Not running away

Running from the

Pathetic creature

That these tears have

Undoubtedly made me

Those steely gray eyes

Boring into me with gentleness

And I can't look away


The ocean of tears

Is drying up

And then is no more


You made it evaporate

Right off

The face of the planet

What I hadn't realized

Was that there was a tightening

Of my chest

That is now gone

I can breathe


I don't have to


Every time I wake


Instead of the sorrowful

Cloudy days

I have grown used to

There is sun

Blindingly yellow-white

You saved me

And now there is joy

Instead of pain


Instead of tears

I'm drowning now

In the sound of

Your laughter

And I don't want

To come up for air