Title: All boys School? Please it's my school now
Chapter: 1 of ?
Summary: Robyn Erwing has been going to an all boy's school for the past 3 years. She is studying to be an actor; as a test for herself she pretends to be a guy. When Aaron Cole, her new roommate is convinced she's male; and gay. She can't help but hit on him. I mean he IS gorgeous.
Rating: PG -13 (for now)
Chapter Summary: The new school year has just begin. Aaron Cole is in his last year of high school. As a new student to the widely popular Washington Arts School he was given the last available room. His roomate is Rob Erwing a strange and confusing brunet with a love of video games and a group of fanboys that follow him where ever he goes. Wait, did Rob just check Aaron out?
Author's Notes: Older story, just dusting it off. Another one of those Girl in All boys school. With a bit of a twist. This time it was her idea. Most of the time it will be in either Robyn's POV of Aarons. Each chapter will start in Robyn's POV unless otherwise mentioned.

I sat in awe watching reruns of so you think you can dance. I tilted my head to the side as one of the dancers twisted in a way that couldn't be possible. My eyes flicked over to the door when I heard the handle rattle as it was opened. Sliding on my sunglasses to hide my eyeliner; I had forgotten to take it off. I got ready for my new roommate and an amazing performance. Bring on the boy.

Aaron's POV

I grumbled hauling my bags into the elevator. Sure I was stoked to be at this prestigious school of the arts, but why was it so freaking big. Finally the elevator dinged on the fifth floor and I lugged my suitcases. It was probably useless to complain to the office. The lady told me this was the only dorm left. First come, first serve I guess.

I shouldered open the door to room 506 and threw my bags to the ground. The room was clean; how I liked it and there were two couches and a television in the center. On one of the couches sat who I assumed to be my roommate. He was sitting watching some dance show, a bag of Doritos in hand. From his skinny bare feet, to designer pants, and Abercrombie sweater I figured he'd be a Cali guy like me. But when I saw his face eyes covered in sunglasses and short brown hair showing from under a baseball cap. I realized I was wrong. He reminded me of a future ryan goslin or some other Notebook like actor. I coughed lightly uncomfortable at his ignorance.

"Hmm?" He looked at me, with his index finger he pushed down his sunglasses. There was silence...wait was he checking me out?! He pushed his glasses back and leaned into the couch. "Pretty boy." He laughed to himself, his voice was light airy...

"What are you gay? You like guys or something?" It slipped from my mouth before I could think another thing.

"Something like that." The tone he said it in was mocking and I frowned. I closed the door and dragged my feet as I walked towards two closer doors. "The one on your left." I frowned deeper and continued. Lovely start to a lovely year.

"I would knock but I rather not." I heard a deeper voice and I left the confines of my room. Standing there was a guy, tall, dark hair. He sauntered over to me. "Hey Rob? Who's the new meat?" He was leaned back looking at my roommate. Rob? I looked over and caught his shrug.

"Hey, Aaron Cole." I introduced myself.

"Darien Lane." He clapped me on the shoulder. "Good luck." He said to me quietly.

"I heard that." Rob stood up from the couch. "Don't even start." He walked past us. "Let's go to the arcade. But wait five minutes." He disappeared through the other door.

"What's with him?" I asked Darien.

"Rob's being Rob. You'll get used to it." I accepted that for now. But that guy was weird; and not just in the homosexual way. My best friend was gay; but this Rob guy was just off. Dropped on the head as a child probably.

"Alright, ready to go." Rob changed into a button up shirt. Dark hair mussed from changing. I was silent looking for words. Darien was already out the door. "Come on pretty boy." I groaned as Rob hit my ass. I cringed away. Lovely start. Lovely Year.

Robyn's POV(main POV)

I smirked as I hit Aaron's ass walking by. From his immediate response this was going to be the best year yet.

"Rob, how was your summer?" I looked over at my best friend Darien. His smile brought out his cute dimples.

"Same old tuxedo." I called him tuxedo. -short for tuxedo mask from sailor moon.- because that's how we first met back in kindergarten. It was Halloween and he was the masked wonder himself while I was sailor moon. Basically instant friendship.

"Cut your hair I see." He sighed, he always got frustrated when I cut my hair for my yearly prank.

"An artist is true to their work." I said theatrically. I was at the all boys art school of Washington DC because I wanted the best, and I got free admission. My Grandfather was the dean. I was as it were, the only girl in the school. Most of the students knew. Except of course, the fresh meat (grade nines) and now Aaron, my unsuspecting victim.

Everyone knew to keep quiet. I did this every year with my new roommate that transferred in. I would act as much as a guy as I could. I'd never tell them though; it was my own personal rule. They had to find out themselves. We waited patiently for the elevator and I stopped myself from impatiently tapping my foot. As Aaron caught up to us I noticed he stood beside Darien instead of me. I laughed internally; with Aaron thinking I was gay this was going to be way too easy.

There's the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it.