Title: All Boys School? Please it's my school now
chapter: epilogue of 20 + epilogue
Author's Notes: I finished it early. Think of this as the pilot for the sequel.

Aaron Waite is the famous lead singer and guitarist from 'Room 506' was casted earlier this week to play in the new musical to hit the big screen entitled 'My School.' The twenty-one year old pop-rocker is known for his promiscuity and is seen with a new fling every week. Man or woman it seems has no escape from the soft spoken, loud singing young star. The real question is how does rumored co-star Rob Erwing feel about this? The young starlet has never been caught dating or shown any romantic feelings towards anyone. Can the supposed asexual star stay asexual when paired with the playboy that is Aaron Waite?

It seems like we'll only find out too soon as the pair are set to start the recording of the soundtrack next week. Will Waite have Erwing singing a new tune? Or will Erwing stick to the beat of her own drum. Even if nothing becomes of the duo; it'll be nice to see if Erwing has the voice for a musical. Also another daring question what gender will she play this time? Boy, or Girl stay tuned to Fab Tab, the tabloid that's a little more than sex, to find out.