Business was pretty slow today but to be honest that was how she liked it. There were days when the book store would be full of people trampling their dirty boots on the floor and moving the books out of order and she couldn't stand it.

It was days like today, where she got the occasional customer with long periods by herself in between. It was hardly a good business strategy, but the book store wasn't here because she needed the money, it was just something for her to look after and occupy her time. When you'd lived for as long as she had money no longer became something to worry about.

Eternity was a small shop on the corner of Stafford Street. It blended in with the other shops on the street and was the type of building you could walk past every day of your life without ever taking notice of what it was actually for. It had taken her years to find the right building for her shop but the moment she'd visited this one she'd known she had to have it.

Once inside the store appeared even smaller as it was crammed from floor to ceiling with numerous texts. It wasn't the average book store, you wouldn't find anything off the best sellers list in store, or probably anything that had been published in the last century. She had her specialist customers who would travel across the countries to purchase a specific book but most of the books sold were to tourists who were looking for an unusual souvenir.

She sometimes felt a little guilty selling rare books to someone who was likely to only use it as a doorstop once they got home, but she continued to sell them because that was why she had the shop. If she didn't sell books then there would be no need for her to restock the shop or to file receipts and she needed to do those little jobs to keep herself sane.

The owner of Eternity, and its only staff member, was Eliza and she was far from what most people would expect. She knew that her customers assumed she just worked there, she looked far too young to own a shop. Most people would place her age as being in her late teens though the clothes she wore were not of the typical fashion for her age. She favoured clothing with lots of layers, her hair reached her lower back and hung loosely without a style. The only piece of jewellery she wore was a necklace that consisted of a single piece of amazonite threaded through a piece of black string.

She was just finishing reorganising a set of books on the far wall when she heard the bell above the door tinkle. She was about to turn around and greet the customer when she froze. She contemplated running but knew it would be pointless. Whoever had just entered the shop was no tourist, they were an expert.

They didn't have power radiating off them in waves like some she had met, instead it was just a presence around them, but she knew not to underestimate them because of that. The strongest were not those that went around showing off their power but those who had the strength to conceal it from others and the presence in her shop was definitely from the latter group.

Unable to postpone it any longer she turned around and met the eyes of the man stood by the door. He looked to be in his late twenties and he had pale skin that contrasted with his dark eyes and hair. He didn't move a muscle as he stood there, instead following every slight movement she made as she walked towards him. He was a predator and constantly on the lookout for suspicious movements.

She kept eye contact with him as she walked closer and finally stopped a few feet away from him. His visit wasn't particularly unexpected, it was something she'd been waiting for her entire life, every day knowing that sooner or later someone would be sent to get her. And as she was now nearing three hundred years old she was more than ready to accept her fate.