I'll Keep Waiting

I said that I would wait,
Although I would hate
To be without you
But I'll struggle through.

Somehow, on my own,
But I'll never moan
Cos' you don't want me to
And I respect you

Too much to let go
You said to wait, so
I shall but I know
Your feelings will go

When it's all over
Maybe after, but a supernova
Wouldn't tear you away
From knowledge today

It's such a shame
But I'm to blame
Live life your way
I just want to say

I know it'll never happen
Cos' there will always be summin'
More important than me
So just go and study

You said to wait
But at this rate
After they're done
Someone else will come along

Who you will like better
Because he'll set a
Path for you to follow
I'm still here tomorrow

I'm drowning in sorrow
Thinking tomorrow
Is just like today
Shall I just go away?

And leave you be?
You're best off without me
I don't want to
But I will, as it's you.