Love Poems for Nerds

by Carissa, Kassy, Stephenie, and Allison


Casting Nines

If I were casting nines
And I cast out you
I'd cast out seven
And then me two

If we were a triangle
You'd be Leg B
I'd be Leg A
So the hypotenuse is you and me

If I was X
And you were Y
Then our love would be
(xy)^2 = ∏

You're my common denominator
My other digit and radius
The 1 degree who makes 360
Dividing by zero would destroy us

(xy)^2 / 0 = ………

But since you've been gone
Since you left me
Our right triangle
Became my isosceles

I was casting nines
I cast out you
So I'll cast out seven
And then me two.

The point of casting nines is to take all the numbers that add up to nine in a problem and take them out, so the "and then me two" bits are intentional.

This is actually a fan poem for The Blue Rose by CaveDwellers, but it's also how this whole idea got started because a few days ago, I decided to write a similar "nerd love" poem, but this time for grammar. It got a pretty good response (in real life), so when I was telling Kassy about it today, we had the idea to write a whole series of nerdy love poems. There may be more writers as time goes on. ;D

Have some Girl Scout cookies.