Pride and wrath, two of the seven deadly sins that one can easily fall prey too. Pride is a high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority. Wrath is strong, stern, or fierce anger; deeply resentful indignation; ire. This tale I will tell is of both of these things, where beliefs are questioned. This tale of death and sins is one that must be told so all may know.

A stranger stood with Dan, they seemed to be talking animatedly as if they were old friends catching up on old times. It was a bit amusing at the time watching the two of them where Dan at most standing at 5'2" dressed in all black Hot Topic clothing and the stranger in what seemed to be American Eagle clothing. They boy looked out of place to say the least amongst my friends in their own black clothing attires.

"Hey Angela, who's the kid with Small Child?" I called out to her as I came near.

"An old friend of his apparently they haven't seen each other since elementary school. He just moved back into town," She answered as I came to stand next to her.

"Kathleen!" Dan called right before he wrapped his arms around my middle giving me a hug. Then as he was pulling away he slapped my butt, which he always does.

"Small Child just because you're gay doesn't mean that you can slap my butt anytime you want to!" I scolded but with no seriousness behind it because by now I had gotten use to all his antics. Scolding him on served as a joke between us now.

The strangers seemed to pop out of his eyes sockets as he took in our antics and what I had just said. I got the feeling that he did not know that Dan was gay before my statement, though Dan has no qualms about being gay in the least bit.

"Dan you're gay?" The stranger said shock and something else I couldn't quiet name ringing through his voice.

"Yeah Kevin I am. I have a boyfriend in Minnesota named Marty," replied Dan with defensiveness lining his own voice. That was when I knew everything had just hit the fan.

"But why? Why would you turn yourself against God and nature? It's just unnatural to be gay and why would you even want to be with a guy?"

Everyone one of us could not believe that he had even just said any of that. None of us have much faith in any religion since we had hit high school. Silence ruled us as our blood began to boil beneath our skins; we had dealt with so much over our school years that this just added to it. We stayed stunned in our silence though.

"This is Satan's work here! Come back to god and nature Dan, I'll help you. After school we'll go to the church and the priest can help you over come this mental disease. I've seen it done, I've seen men that thought they were gay realize this is the Devil's work and return their souls to Jesus and God. Come back to the light Dan and save your eternal soul!" He was almost screaming now.

Dan snapped. He launched himself forward dropping his books and his bag on the floor. Without thought though both Molly and I grabbed him by the arms and held him back knowing that violence no matter how much Kevin deserved it would do nothing but get us all into trouble.

"Come on Dan lets just go. The zealot turd isn't worth it," Molly tried reasoning with him as we pulled him back into the crowd of students. He wasn't going quietly though his arms were flailing and his mouth was yelling every cuss word in the English language. Angela and Heather picked up his books and bag trailing after us leaving Kevin alone.

None of the teachers had come to investigate what was going on, they mostly ignored my friends and I anyways unless we did the littlest thing wrong. Dan did not calm down until we dragged him into his homeroom, but in his eyes I could see the wheels turning in his head calculating and fuming. I was scared to leave him but he wouldn't talk to anyone, so we thought it best to leave.

The day past with no more incidents from Kevin, in fact it seemed that after this mornings happenings no one had seen him. The clock approached 2 o'clock in the afternoon the air became still and foreboding racked my body. The air was tense, but I could not tell if it was just from the end of school being so near.

The bell rang and everyone ran out of the classroom. I went down the hallway to the front of the school meet up with the gang, for we were all going to a friend's house this afternoon that goes to a different school. Her house was not that far away, but we never got there for as soon as we all went out the door a gun shot rang out. Molly fell to the ground the bullet having hit her stomach, her life's blood rushed out of the wound onto the ground.

All hell broke loose as students ran in every direction away from us; teachers ran from the building but stopped as they saw the sight before them. That was when I turned around to discover that Kevin stood in front of Dan a smoking gun pointed at the center of his forehead.

"I tried to save, I begged for you to come back to god but you refused. You cannot live to corrupt others as Satan intends for you to do," he looked up at all of us then. "In fact you all must die for Satan has corrupted you in other ways, you can't live to corrupt others as well!"

With that he pulled the trigger on Dan blowing his brains out while blood splattered everywhere. I stood there in shock with Molly's body at my feet, Dan's body not much farther away, and blood splatter on me. Kevin then rounded the gun on Angela as she ran towards him to get the gun away, but he got her first with a bullet to her neck. Heather was next as she ran to Angela's body, she died with a bullet to her chest. The gun then rounded on me still frozen in shock. A gun shot rang out, but it was not from Kevin's gun. A police officer killed him as a last resort to save my life.

I survived where my friends did not all because we challenged someone's beliefs, we questioned his pride. His wrath and pride took over him and he killed for his religion when his own religion preaches "Thou shall not kill." This story must be told to teach others acceptance and that death is not the solution. I pen these words as my last for not only did Kevin take those lives that day from murder but he also took the very essence of life for some that survived. My own included.