I'm sorry to say I'll no longer be updating Fiction Press with my stories, as a story of mine has been plagiarized. I have, however, begun a password-protected website so that I may continue sharing my stories with readers. In order to be considered for a password, you must read the password application page on my profile, and email me according to specifications. (no Fiction Press PM's, please).

Everything that is already up on Fiction Press will stay up to prove that these stories are mine should the plagiarists strike again, but there will be no new updates, and no new stories.

Again, please don't send me a PM. I will respond, but unless you're a long-time reader who I recognize, it will most likely be with a "sorry, no."

Thank you for reading, and for being such an amazing reader base! If you find my stories on any website other than Mara Writes or Fiction Press under MaranweTelrunya, please let me know. I do not upload my stories to other fiction writing sites, and only rarely share short stories on my blog.