Only By Association

1: If you catch my drift

"Meghan Cartwright is one of the hottest girls in world. Hands down then tied and made love to by an acid covered monkey. I would totally bone her from Michigan to Mexico!" I said in a deeper voice than normal then humping the table like a dog.

"I do not sound like that," my best friend, Charlie, said in his beautiful deep voice.

I rolled my eyes at Charlie and plopped back down in my seat at our lunch table.

"Yes, you do," I said in my normal beautiful tenor voice. Jake, my very animal rights and love-of-my life in a totally friendly way friend, rolled his eyes at Charlie. Charlie glared at us before looking towards the popular table to Meghan Cartwright again.

"But she is really hot," he whined pushing his food out of the way so he could pout and cry on the table. Jake rolled his eyes again.

"Look sweetie," I said putting my slightly paler hand on his slightly tanner arm, "you will never have a chance with her."

"But why?" Charlie cried out lifting his head to look at me.

"Because you sit at the gay table," I whispered to him. He pouted at me and I just sighed flipping my hair with my hand. Jake giggled beside me and leaned into my side so he could look Charlie straight in the face.

"Charles, you need to either go get some straight friends or like kill her super hot best friend or like have sex with a girl in front of her," Jake said in his cute little 'I'm totally gay but totally amazing' voice. He raised his thin eye brows at Charlie then sat back so he was sitting normally.

"Kill her best friend?" Charlie asked all confused like.

"Duh! As your freaking 'what would you do with out me' amazing gay best bud," I started leaning closer to him, "it is my duty to tell you that the girl you are crushing on has the whole, 'I'm in love with my best friend' disease."

"What?" Charlie questioned sitting up looking at me like I'm crazy or something.

"The 'I'm in love with my best friend' disease," I repeated rolling my eyes again, "have you seen her best friend?" I asked.

"Yeah," Charlie said slowly, "Tony?"

"Yeah! He is like super hot!" I said then looking at Jake all excited, "I share the same gym as him and let's just say I always have to take cold showers!"

Jake giggled with me before Charlie started to snap his fingers in my face to get my attention.

"So all I have to do is get her to like me more than Tony?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah," I said, "but it's not going to be easy since she probably feels close to him because she's known him longer and he's hotter than you."

Charlie glared at me but I only tell the truth!

"Shut up fag," Charlie said to me before pouting into the table again.


My gym class teacher and I are in a love hate relationship. He hates me by make me run longer than the rest of the boys and I love him because he makes me grosser so I can stay in the showers longer.

He once made me take a shower in the single showers but then I went to the principle and we all had a long talk about singling out students. Those single showers are gross!

We are running right now. My legs are on fire and I feel like I'm dying. My face is probably all red and gross. Mr. Hack blew his whistle for us to stop. I fell to my knees and thanked the heavens.

"Mr. Rider get off the floor and join the line up," Mr. Hack said in his booming voice. I sighed and slowly got up and jumped into line next to one of the many jocks in the class.

"Today we are playing dodge ball!" Mr. Hack yelled reveling a bright red ball from behind his back. The class went wild.

"Aww man," I whined looking at the nails in pity, "I just got my nails done."

A boy chuckled beside me glancing at me through his long eyelashes. He's cute. I smiled slightly and looked down at the ground shyly.

"Okay! Count off by threes!"

Mr. Hack started with me so I of course was a one. My cute little friend was a two which meant we are now sworn enemies. People take dodge ball so seriously sometimes.


I'm in pain. It's like they were just hitting me! I slowly peeled off my gym shirt stuffing it in my gym bag. I hissed as I slide my pants down. Everyone else started to pile in the locker room making it smell bad and feel like sweat.

I sighed and grabbed my towel wrapping it around my waist pulling my boxer briefs down. I grabbed my fruity body wash because AXE smells horrible.

"Hey," Mr. Cutie said standing next to me. I looked at him with a blank stare then smiled.

"Hi," I said smoothly.

"I'm sorry I hit you back there," he said motioning towards the door.

"It's okay," I said, "I know how jocks are in the whole dodge ball 'Live or Die' thing."

He laughed at my completely retarded joke and stripped of his shirt. I let out a low whistle and turned away.

"So anyhow," he said as he started to get his body wash out, "I have a friend and he wanted me to talk it up with you so I could see if you were actually gay or you just liked to hang out at the gay table," he said raising his eyebrows as he talked.

"Well it all depends if your 'friend' has a name," I said trying not to stare at him. He is so hot though. I may love him.

"He does but he is kind of on the DL," he whispered cutely to me, "if you catch my drift."

Oh I caught it and made sweet love to it.

He is in the closet. Oh god! He is so cute. So Mr. Cutie likes me and is using the 'I have a friend who likes you' card. Even though we all know, it is him.

"Okay," I said cheerfully, "well tell your 'friend' to met me in the green house after school so we can 'talk', if you catch my drift," I said all sly like. I feel like a ninja.

"Sweet," he said giving me a big smile. I held in my giggle and moved towards the showers so I can get the grossness off me.


I smell like a beautiful flower. It's weird too since I'm like surrounded by beautiful flowers and I feel like one of them. I'm connecting with the flowers.

I heard a door behind me open but I didn't turn around to see who it was. Though I know this isn't a gay bash because I can only hear one set of steps and they're going agonizingly slow.

I felt Mr. Cutie press up against my back and push his nose in my hair breathing me in. I giggled and played with a flower.

"You smell so good," he whispered against my head. I think I'm blushing. Oh my god, his voice is so much more sexier now. I felt my heart race faster as he ran his hands down my arms to my waist. I turned and stared up at what I was, thinking was going to be Mr. Cutie but turns out it isn't.

I backed up in surprise and stared in shock.

"Tony?" I coughed out. His face was flush and he looked like he is ready to jump me or die.

I'm not even disappointed. I looked him up and down and smiled at him.

"So much better," I whispered to myself.


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