5. And then he kissed me

Hello, my name is Andre. I am a gay teenager with two wonderful best friends. A week ago, my 'boyfriend' (if we are going to call him this) told me, in a crowded hallway that he pretty much loves me.

I, of course, have been avoiding him like he has AIDS and is bleeding out of his eyes. Everyone has been gossiping that I turned him down or that I asked him out and he was just playing a joke on me or something as stupid as that. Truth is, I am a little scared, and he likes me enough to come out in front of the football team and everyone in the hallway.

It scares me to death.

"Andre," I hear a whisper of someone coming into the bathroom, where I have been hiding during lunch, "Are you in here?"

"State your name and business," I growled, pulling my feet up from the floor to go into a ball on the toilet seat.

"It's Anthony," the person whispered.


I put my feet down and stood, brushing myself off then opening the door to come face to face with Tony. Holy shit… he is hot in that shirt.

I gasped as he pushed me back into the stall and following me in there.

"Why have you been avoiding me?" Tony asked me with this worried look on his beautiful face.

"Why did you lie to me?" I asked back.

"What? I didn't lie to you, I really do like you, enough to come out and say it in front of anyone-"

"No, you told me your name was Anthony," I interrupted.

"Tony is short for Anthony," Tony told me, looking at me like I was an idiot.

"Oh, well in my defense, I thought your name was Antonio because you're Mexican," I told him, straightening myself up and staring him in the eyes.

"That was extremely racist but I'm going to ignore it because you looked cute while saying it," Tony said looking back at me.

"I always look cute," I smiled cutely at him which caused him to smirk at me.

"Right, so why have you been avoiding me again?" he asked again.

"Because," I answered.

"Is it because you're scared that I like you as much as I do and you've never had anyone like you this much before even," he paused, looking like he was trying to think of a name, "Eric? Who was your first boyfriend?"

"You have been talking to Charlie or Jake because I've never told you about Eric," I stated poking him in the chest, "You cheater."

He smiled at me then rose his eyebrows as I moved my poking finger to a sliding finger heading downwards to the edge of his shirt.

"Maybe what you said is true," I said, slipping my hand under his shirt, "so could you forgive me for being scared?"

He didn't say anything as my other hand moved to his pants buckle.

"I forgive you," he said not even looking at me but watching my hands.

"I thought you would see it my way," then I stuck my hand down his pants.


Charlie sat beside me doing his math homework as I read my book that I picked out for a book report for English. He made some growling noises every once and a while that caused me to look up at him but he ignored me to continue working on his gross math problems. Who seriously takes math for fun like Charlie? People who like headaches and having no life.

I finished my chapter before placing it on the floor.

"Where's Anne?" I questioned.

"In his bedroom, probably jacking off to your pictures," Charlie said as if it was a automatic reaction.

"Hot. I'm going to go steal his DS, you want anything from the kitchen?" I asked him.

"A cup of tea with lemon," he told me.

"What? A can of coke? Okay, I guess I can do that," I said then hurried out the door before he could yell or give me the 'Andre, you are an idiot' look.

I slowly walked down stairs, taking my time because the dragon lady wasn't here today which mean I have free range of the house without getting set to flame. I made my way to Anne's room, walking in without knocking like I always do just in case he actually is jacking off to pictures of me.

He wasn't jacking off but he was naked looking like he was putting some shorts on.

"Anne, you didn't need to put on a show," I purred, walking further in the room as he pulled up his shorts giving me a glare.

"It's nothing you haven't seen before," he told me, going to sit at his computer desk. People don't know this but Anne is addicted to twitter and youtube, I swear he posts every second on twitter and his watches youtube videos like a whore.

"True," I agreed then went looking for his DS.

"What are you searching for?" he asked me, watching me with his beautiful eyes.

"Looking for your secret pictures you take of me," I said, looking under his bed to see if it went under there.

"They are in my closet in a yellow shoebox," he told me. This of course made me curious as hell.

"For real?" I asked.

"For real," he conformed.

I crawled over to the closet, looking in to search for the yellow box he said. Seeing it, I grabbed it then dragged it out of with me. I looked over to Anne who was watching me the whole time. I frowned at him.

"If something is going to jump out at me…" I glared at him, not finishing my sentence to let him image what I would do to him.

I slowly opened the box to see it was actually full of pictures. Not all of me but I could see me a lot.

"Those are my pictures of my bisexual stage," he told me, coming and joining me on the floor.

"Hot," I said grabbing a random stack. I flipped through some as Anne started looking through another pile.

We sat there for a good ten minutes trading pictures back and forth and not talking.

"Oh, remember this?" he said suddenly, holding out a picture of me with a headband on and holding a guitar.

"No?" I said taking the picture.

"You were so drunk that night, demanding that I let you play the guitar so I gave you the guitar and you just sat there and posed for a picture before handing it back to me," he told me, pointing at the picture.

That sounds like me. I flipped through some more pictures then stopping when I saw a picture of me and Anne kissing.

"Aw! Look!" I said holding the picture out to him, "we look so cute together! When did you take this?"

"The night before we almost have sex," he told me, still looking at the picture.

"I look so good kissing, most people look like dogs but I look freaking hot," I commented, bring the picture closer to my face, "I understand why people want to kiss me."

"Ego!" Anne said, snatching the picture out of my hands. I glared at him before looking through the box to see if I could find anymore pictures of me. There, of course, were. More of me and Anne together then some of me in random places by myself.

"Any more of us making out?" I asked looking through another pile.

"I don't think so but I think there is one of you naked in there," he said, still looking at the picture of us kissing.

"For real?" I questioned.

"For real."


I didn't find the picture of me naked but I did steal the picture of Anne and me kissing without Anne noticing. I crawled my way back upstairs to find Charlie finished with his homework and now watching a movie with a glass of tea by him.

"Sorry, I got caught up with Anne," I said, making my way towards him. He shrugged and handed me a bowl of popcorn when I sat beside him. I grabbed a hand full and shoved it in my mouth before handing it back.

"Look," I whispered, pulling the picture out of my sweat pocket, "a picture of Anne and me kissing."

He looked at it then said, "You look really cute in this."

"I KNOW!" I said before hugging the picture to my chest, "I should go around taking pictures of me kissing people."

"Then you will get AIDS and die," Charlie said.

"No, I won't," I said, "I'll only be kissing them, not having sex with them."

He shrugged then gave me a pointed look.

I hate him.


Author's Note: I don't know if you guys can tell but Anne is my favorite character. Just saying. Anne all the way! This is totally the first time that I've ever had two characters with the same name.

This has been done for a while. I'm just saying, that I fail at life and forgot about this story.


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