A/N:Well this song was inspired by a fellow author of amazing talents! When creating this song, I sang this one like it was an epic. So I just listened to it over again, and it sounds very familiar to "Stairway to Heaven", (of which song I do not own), ahh crap! I'm not re-making a new tune for it! Well, it's not like, the same chords or what not, I just sing it like the Led does (I as well do not own Led Zeppelin! but what if I did? boowhaha), I just sing it with the same sounding-ness: which is epic!

Dust to Dust

As the sun rays beats down,
Upon the ash on the ground,
We see more than we wanted.
And the dust starts to fry,
The image of our lives,
It leaves us barren and haunted.

Dust in my eyes,
Makes me despise,
My own disguise.

As the wind starts to howl,
And the beast begins to growl,
I can't hold this in much longer.
So the dust hits the air,
And the world is unaware,
The beast is slowly getting stronger.

Dust in my eyes,
Makes me despise,
My own disguise.

As the clouds turn to black,
There is now, no turning back,
The beast within has now won.
Then the dust hit my eyes,
Filled with secrets and my lies,
The beast now has nowhere to run.

Dust in my eyes,
Made me despise,
My own disguise...