So, this story is basically about Eva Braun and her love for Adolf Hitler.

The problem is he loves another---Leila, a Jewish girl raped and killed by her fiance'.

This is like a sequel to a play a wrote for my class. Garnet 2012, I love you :D

Oh, and I'm also about to continue Chiaroscuro :]


"My dearest, my love, my life, I plead with 't go through with this. End this for the love of me!"
"Go away, Woman. I do not love you."
19 July 1944
Eva Braun sat somberly on the window seat of her lavish home in Berlin, her thoughts resting fitfully on her husband's imminent departure to hold another conference with military leaders in East with anxiety, she shook her head, left uncomforted by the confusion assailing her.

She let out a sigh as it struck her that she had not always been like this. Oh, what a clever little minx she had thought she'd been, becoming the mistress of one of Germany' s high-ranking officials. What a step up the social ladder it was for a young yet crafty Catholic schoolgirl.

Too late she had realized that her little love affair was more than she had ever imagined. Too late had she noticed that she was falling too far and too tried to run away, but she just couldn't-she was trapped. She tried to turn back, but she'd just fall into his arms once more.

For yes, she had fallen into the deep, dark chasm of love. Yes, it was a tainted and poisoned love. Yes, it was an endless web of deceit and lies. But it was still a love she kept on coming back one would take her now that she willingly and wholeheartedly became paramour to the formidable dictator of Nazi Germany. Her life was solely his...And she didn't regret it.

Distracted from her rather dark musings, she heard sharp footsteps and she saw her love looking as impeccable and aloof as ever in his crisp Nazi uniform and his dark, polished boots.

"I am leaving for Rastenburg." he said abruptly.

"You're departing already? Could you not wait for the morrow?" she exclaimed , pointing to the setting sun and the deepening shades of twilight.

"The dictator of the Third Reich does not let time hinder his mission."

She bit her lip."But Alf, you've been away for so many days. I'm worried about you." she said in a choked voice.
"I know I cannot get in the way of your plans to purify the Aryan race. But at least, let me think of your are plots against you. Let me keep you safe for even just a few days." she pleaded.

A look of tenderness, but not of love escaped him, but quickly, his expression hardened.

"I have no patience for you, especially when you meddle with my decisions."

She flung herself at his feet, her silken white dress billowing on the floor, her eyes widened to both a trusting and a tortured expression.
"Why are you doing this in the first place? All those innocent, feeble children..." Her voice broke into a sob.

He gave her a stony look, not replying to her pointed question.

"It's because of Leila, isn't it?" she whispered helplessly.

With this, he flew into a rage. "I demand you to cease this insolence, you meddlesome woman, thinking you know about love." His anger could barely mask his pain.

"But when I tell you, I love you, you never listen...." she said through her tears.

Oh, how difficult it was for her to be madly in love with someone who played her along on a string, gave her hope and then continually rejected her.

She took a deep breath and plodded on, clasping her hands in his. "But what about the baby, my love-our baby? Don't you want to stay-for him at least?" She was five months with child. She was hoping that this new life would bring about renewed hope not only to her, but to Alf. The baby within her kicked, as if agreeing with her thoughts

But apparently, it was not to gave her a malicious sneer. "I could care less."

He stormed out of the house and banged the door before she could reply.

Huddled up on the cold marble floor, Eva stared at the photo of Leila on the ornate tapestry, looking innocent and alluring at the same time.

She took solace from the fact that even Alf had loved once. And suddenly, she felt a comforting presence behind her. It was as if someone understood her anguish,not just for anyone-but for Alf. Her tears stilled and she fell asleep with the thought that at least, things couldn't get any worse.

But they did.

Eva stirred from her sleep to the sound of frantic knocking on her door the next day. She felt a whisper of hope as she believed that it was Alf, rushing back to her. Instead, to her dismay, a young soldier was on her doorstep, holding an official-looking piece of paper in his hand.

He tipped his cap to her. "Ma'am, I'm very sorry to inform you that there was an assassination attempt on the Fuhrer, the Operation Valkyrie. Colonel Von Stauffenberg and his allies bombed Fuhrer Hitler's conference room. He survived, but he is currently hospitalized at Prussia."

Eva suddenly felt dizzy. She was sorry for the assassins, seeing as they themselves had their own fevered cause, but her love-he was hurt, just as she had feared. Just as she had tried to prevent him from going...

And with that thought taking over her very mind, she collapsed. Love tinged with pain stung. Love tinged with anguish and fear of loss was nigh unbearable.

A few days later, she lost the baby-her last link to humanity.

sorry for another weird story by Mela S. XDD anyway,