If you had a chance
to live,
You'd take it, right?

If you knew what it felt like
to die
You wouldn't go back, right?

If you felt the
I went through,
You wouldn't put me through it
again, would you?

you don't.
I thought you might,
But I was wrong.

You think it's easy.
ou think it's effortless.
You don't understand
at all.

You don't understand
Why I'm taking it right now

I thought it was simple.

It was a chance
to live
After being dead for so long...

I know I'll have to go
back soon
To that land of
Loneliness and Desolation

But if you knew,
You'd know that you'd take
anything you could get...
Anything you could
Not to be that




. . .thing

I am just finally closer to whole.
...is that so wrong?

apr. 20, 09