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He was the most beautiful boy in the entire world. Everything from his thick luxuriant dark hair, to his beautiful black eyes, and wonderfully full lips was perfect. His slim and sexy body only added to his overall perfect form.

He was only fourteen years old. And I was head-over-heels in love with him.

It was another boring morning of my seventeen year old life. The only thought that excited me was of seeing Justin again. Since we were on the same school bus, I got to stare at him in the mornings, as well as the afternoons. I rarely caught sight of him during school hours since he was in three grades below me, and our classes were quite far.

I stood before the bathroom mirror as I combed my hair. Justin was beautiful, sexy, the hottest boy I had ever seen. Whereas I was… simple-looking. That was the only definition I could give my looks. My eyes were simple black, I had normal black hair which I combed neatly every morning, and I wore spectacles.

I was the kind of dude who lay in the neutral zone between 'cool' and 'nerd'. I had friends I hung out with, I did okay in tests and exams, and I lived a very simple life.

The only thing was I was gay. Nobody knew that of course. It was a very well kept secret. But damn! It was tearing me apart to lust after Justin so much and not be able to do anything. I mean I had no idea if he was gay or straight. I had seen hanging around with both boys and girls. He didn't seem to have a steady relationship going with anyone, either boy or girl.

Over the year, I had managed to befriend him. Sadly, because of the age-gap I imagine, the friendship wasn't that serious. If we ended up sitting close to each other, we would chat casually and talk about each other's life. Justin liked to talk, so I was content with him talking about everything from his school day, to his observations on day-to-day stuff. He was a pretty intelligent boy with a sense of humor, so we would often joke around and have a good time.

The time I spent with him was a time I spent in heaven. Especially when I would be lucky enough to have him crammed against me on the bus on the way home.

He drove me insane. Just seeing him would make my day. And if someday he would be absent, I would feel empty and depressed.

I was in love with him, and I couldn't come out and say it to him. I couldn't make a move because I was scared that that would make him dislike me, and break the fragile friendship we shared.

My life was hell.

As always, my heart beat quickened as I approached my waiting school bus. I opened the door and jumped in. As I scanned the bus for an empty seat, I was disappointed that the only empty seat was next to a fat sixth grade kid. Cursing my luck, I sat beside him.

I searched the bus for Justin and found him. He was sitting on the seat two rows ahead of mine. I spent the rest of the bus trip staring alternatively at the back of Justin's head, and outside the window.

Time at school sucked (as usual), and I was sporting a minor headache as the last period ended. Our teacher ended his lesson five minutes early and walked out saying we should not come out the class room until the home bell rang. Of course, in two minutes all of us were outside and the class was empty.

I climbed my bus and chose one of the seats which were made for two students, hoping that Justin would be early enough to sit next to me. Apparently my luck had improved over the morning as Justin entered the bus a couple of minutes later and plopped down beside me, slinging his bag onto his lap.

He looked at me and smiled his usual happy-to-see you smile which always made my heart fluttery like a damn mid-school girl's. I smiled in return and asked my usual question, "How was the day?"

"The day was all right," he replied, "But I am in a kind of slum. You remember the English test I told you about last week?" I nodded. "I got really bad marks in that too. That's the third test I have almost failed, and my dad will surely send me to tuition to some boring English teacher…"

He was staring at his bag glumly when an inspiration struck me. English was my favorite subject. I brought top marks in it every exam!

"Hey Justin," I told him slowly, "Maybe I could tutor you in English…"

He looked at me quickly. "Really?" His eyes blazed with happiness, and I found myself feeling elated as well.

"Sure," I told him, smiling, "I am kinda good in English..."

Here was the perfect chance, I thought, really excited. I would be able to spend some time with him every day! And maybe during the tuition sessions, I might finally be able to profess my undying love for him…

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