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I was in heaven. Justin's lips felt as sweet as I had always fantasized. The whole world shrank to me and Justin. Then it shrank further to just mine and Justin's lips and the wonderful lightheaded pleasurable feeling it induced in me.

Suddenly it was all gone. Justin pulled back and I was transported straight from heaven to earth. And when I saw Justin pull back with confusion and a hint of terror in his eyes, I think the transportation machine malfunctioned and sent me directly to hell.

I think I was stammering some kind of apology as Justin snatched his bag, and without looking at me even once, turned and ran from the room.

I stood there, thinking of the best way to kill myself


Justin's POV

'Why the fuck am I running?' asked a logical voice inside my head.

I had already run five blocks, and my breath was coming in short gasps. I stumbled to a stop near a small grocery store and bent down to catch my breath. My thoughts were in a whirlwind. What had just happened? Had Jack…, good old Jack, actually kissed me?! I mean I was not gay! Why the hell would he suddenly kiss me?!

It didn't make any sense. I had never even kissed one girl in my life, let alone a boy! But hadn't it kind of felt good….?

I shook my head quickly to rid my mind off that thought. No way! Kissing a guy was a huge sin. Could land me straight to hell. Of course it hadn't felt good.

With that clear thought in my mind, I decided to go inside the store and get myself a Pepsi. My throat had gone all dry because of my short marathon.

As I entered the store and headed to the far end for the drinks, I felt the store's cashiers beady eyes on my back. The guy was a pervert. I had come to the store a couple of times before and always he would stare at me, making me very uncomfortable.

I quickly took the Pepsi, handed the guy the money and exited from the store. As I walked out, I could almost envision the clerk staring at my behind lustily. I felt sick.

That thought brought me to Jack again. Good old Jack with his friendly smile and constant good attitude. We had gotten so friendly with each other I almost loved him like an older brother. Someone I could look up to.

But with what had happened today, I wondered if I liked him maybe a little more than just a brother. If there was perhaps some attraction involved. I was very much confused.

I twisted the metal cap off the Pepsi and gulped the heavenly cold drink down my thirsty throat.


Jack's POV

The next day I was pissed off. On the bus, I had sat next to Justin, and besides returning my greeting without looking me in the eyes; Justin had ignored me all the way to school. More than one time I opened my mouth to apologize, but I just couldn't get it out.

Damn! Was I ever pissed! Pissed at myself, pissed at the whole fucking world! I was going to do something drastic today. Something I wouldn't ordinarily do. My frustrations were killing me. And the problem was, those frustrations were of the sexual kind.

There's this boy in my class of the name Randy. Damn sexy, with this hot petite body and a nice rounded firm ass. He's gay, and I have seen him eying me now and then. Usually I am not that much interested in him, because I actually love Justin so much. But now that I was feeling very unstable and frustrated, I needed an outlet to vent my frustrations. What better way to vent frustrations than some good hardcore fucking?

I decided I wanted Randy. Because I was not the sort of person who would hit on someone else, I decided to wait till Randy made a move. In the Math period, I went and sat with him. He seemed slightly surprised, but also pleased.

One point for me.

"So…" Randy said as we settled down on the bench, "How's everything?"

Randy had short wavy black hair and beautiful dark green eyes.

His eyes delved in mine as he stared at me.

I turned my gaze away from his intense stare and started rifling through my Math book to find the page our class was doing.

"Not that good…" I said vaguely, "Life sucks."

He nodded in an understanding sort of way and didn't ask any more. Randy was a real smart guy. He knew that if I wanted to talk about it, I would do so. I liked that.

Anyway, when we were ten minutes into the period and Randy had still made no move, I decided to make the first move myself. I slid closer to him on the bench, so that our thighs were touching. I did so inconspicuously, by dropping a pen, and after picking it up, moving more to the right side.

Five minutes later, the teacher finished a question at the board and sat down to do some paperwork. The whole class closed their books and stared talking. I closed my own book and stretched.

My heart started beating really fast when Randy placed his left hand on my thigh and leaned in towards me…

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