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The comfort of having someone to be beside and held by, and of course, to hold in turn, was something that Cory had decided he was lucky to have. His fingers stroked along the side of the person next to him, listening to the quiet and even breaths that signaled the other to be in a deep sleep. His companion was utterly and truly exhausted, which, Cory was slightly guilty of admitting, made him grin smugly.

Shifting slowly, Cory pushed himself up so he was hovering over the other male in the bed. James' hair was a dark brown, curly and long enough to reach to the nape of his neck. Which also meant it was long enough for Cory's own fingers to tangle themselves into during kissing. The rest of his face had strong and angular features that were just slightly rounded with a broad, and very stubborn, Cory noted, chin. The nose was an exception because for all it was big enough to not look out of place on the man, it had an almost tapered look to it. Even if it did have two crooks in the middle from being broken twice, which he had still not gotten the stories behind. Though Cory thought it was an adorable addition to his lover's nose.

Not content with simply looking, Cory leaned down and softly pressed his lips to the crook in the otherwise perfect nose, then pressed his own nose to the other's. He almost laughed, knowing that his now quiet partner would be protesting at the small eskimo kiss bestowed upon him, but managed to suppress the urge and leaned back again.

He froze expectantly when he saw the eyelashes flutter under the dark and gently sloping brows, but then the man just turned his head to the other side, his good and right eye now up, and moved his legs farther apart, letting go a sigh. He smiled softly at the actions. He half hoped that the man would wake up... but then maybe not. He didn't generally get a chance to just sit and admire the half naked figure of the other because James was slightly more self conscious than Cory thought he should be. After all, the man had no reason to be.

The large head lead down to the thick neck and muscular shoulders. That broad expanse went down to equally muscular arms with large hands, a great feature when snuggling, as He knew. The chest was no less muscled and was as hard as it was warm and soft. The strength that He knew the man had was slightly hidden in his belly because of the small layer of tissue that was all over his body, giving him his softness despite the muscles. Which, He thought, he should mention more often that he liked the cushion. He didn't want to hug a rock, after all. The wholesome torso came to strong hips and legs that held just as much power as the rest of the body, if not more. Though he only was able to remember this, as the other had on black sweatpants that He still hadn't gotten him to get rid of when they slept.

The whole picture added up to a delightfully six-foot-five frame that looked like it could belong to a professional athlete... which was almost true, considering he played goalie on their college's hockey team. Of which there was a game tonight. Mmmmm... he thought. Hot and sweaty James, late at night, and too tired to be wary when he falls into bed. Yum.

Cory jumped as he felt James shift yet again, this time adding a guttural groan to the motion. A very thin layer of sweat had made itself apparent on James' skin, which had also flushed in the last minute of time. Cory examined James closer, grinning when he realized just how James dreams were going, making himself start to harden just at the prospect of what he could do with the knowledge.

Moving yet again, Cory swung himself gently on top of James, his legs on either side of the dreaming man's hips. Waiting until the room was almost silent, other than James' breathing, Cory set himself down gently onto the other's lap, drawing a moan from the one under him, confirming what he had assumed from James' actions. Cory reached up with his hands, his own six-foot frame being just the right length, and put them on either side of the handsome face, levering his body so he was off of James' lap, but now with their faces just a foot apart.

Cory had left his long blonde hair loose last night, so it now hung like a curtain around their heads. Making sure that no parts of their bodies were touching, Cory slowly brought their faces closer and then licked around James' lips. When they opened, Cory pressed his lips to his lover's, thrusting down with his tongue into the already open and waiting mouth. He softly moaned into the delectable mouth when they both started to move, though he knew James was still, as of yet, asleep.

Suddenly the room went spinning as he found himself flipped over by a strength larger than his own. While he usually loved when he was pinned under his heavier, if not much taller, lover, the sudden flip was a great shock. His own blue eyes looked up staring into the chocolate brown orbs of his companion's, though the left was slightly odd in coloring. There was a smug smirk gracing the lips of his lover as James stared down at him. His eyes rolled back into his head as it fell onto the bed when he felt the larger hips grind into his. It was all the more delectable since he was even more aroused by the sudden display of dominance from James.

Then he was being pushed into the bed hard as a rough set of lips met his while an aggressive tongue plundered his moist cavern. The heat in the room spiked as their lower bodies touched at almost every point. Their hands were not idle. Cory's own hands had gone straight to the dark locks of his lover, and James' went to Cory's nipples, massaging the both of them, and supporting most of his weight on Cory's hips. Groans came from the both of them, and after they parted they stared at each other from just inches away.

Then James talked in a voice that made Cory shudder with pleasure. It was a gravely tone, one fresh from sleep, but not actually sleepy at all. "You can never resist me, can you? Cory."


James had woke up just as Cory had shifted. There were a few moments where nothing happened, then he felt Cory kiss his nose, which he was for some reason obsessed with, which made it very hard to keep on pretending to be asleep. Though the 'cute' eskimo kiss that followed was slightly uncalled for. After his boyfriend had leaned back again, he shifted, wanting his right eye up so he would be able to peek at what Cory was doing.

He let his eyelids shift up and his eye open about halfway, which let him get a good look at Cory. The thin man had left his long blonde hair loose last night, so it was hanging around his pale shoulders. He was leaning half over James, and his crystal blue eyes were slowly, ever so slowly, moving down and over James' torso, almost making him shudder with their ever intense stare. They stopped at his hips, sweeping swiftly down his pants-clad legs, making James almost grin with the scowl that came to the thin lips at the lack of bare skin on his lower half.

The sweat that James had felt jump to his skin was only making his arousal obvious when he wanted to feign sleep, and his arousal itself was getting a touch uncomfortable and Cory's stare wasn't doing anything to help. He shifted again, hoping that Cory would blame it on him being asleep, and let his eyelids fall almost closed, only allowing him a touch of sight. However, as the semi-rough inside of his pants rubbed against his member, he let out a small groan. Thinking he had given his ploy away to Cory, he stopped moving, but Cory only looked closer at him, narrowing his eyes slightly, then grinned.

In the minute that followed, James figured that Cory thought he was having a wet dream. It was the only explanation as to why Cory would have sat on his lap when he was asleep. However, as Cory leaned forward, James knew exactly what his boyfriend was going to do next, and he also knew just how Cory would be turned from the predator into the prey tonight. James would not be the one surprised this time.

James felt that long and smooth blonde hair fall around him, and he felt the breath ghost over his lips as Cory leaned down even further. When Cory licked around his mouth, James almost lost it there and pounced the sneaky man, but he restrained himself, instead, he acted just as a sleeping person would and parted his lips slowly. Cory then leaned down and, finally, finally, pressed their lips together. Knowing that Cory would expect him to, he moved his lips, but just as Cory moaned and started to get into the kiss, he flipped them.

Knowing how Cory loved little moments when he was the one that felt helpless, which with his six-foot frame was actually very hard to do, he pressed down with his hips. After, of course, he flashed Cory a smug smile, letting their eyes meet. Resisting the long neck that revealed itself when Cory threw his head back with pleasure, James attacked his lover's lips with both his own lips and tongue. Pushing as much of their lower bodies as possible together by supporting most of his weight on his hips, he brought his hands up to massage Cory's nipples. In the same manner, he felt Cory's hand fly up and clamp onto his hair pulling their lips even closer. The both of them groaned long and hard which prompted James to pull away and stare into the blue eyes of his beloved.

In a voice he knew Cory had a weakness for, he said, "You can never resist me, can you? Cory." James moaned as he felt the full body shiver that Cory experienced from just the one small sentence.

"Not... especially." Cory gasped out when when James tweaked a nipple.

"Mmmmmhmmmm, but just how much can't you resist. Cory?" Once again a body shudder as Cory arched up into him when James voiced his name once again in that special tone.

Then, seeming to revive some of his control, which he had lost due to his surprise, Cory let his eyes slide to a half-closed, sultry look. He made his voice fall into a thick northern drawl, having lost most of it in the past two years at college, he whispered to James, "Why don't we try to find out just how much we can't resist each other, James."

Knowing he had lost any battles with his own self-control, James let go of anything and everything he had been trying to hold back for teasing Cory with, and chose instead to drop his mouth once again to Cory's. Showing him exactly how much he couldn't resist the thinner male when he talked like that, at those times.


Later that morning, when James had fallen back asleep for real, Cory laid sweaty, but sated, against his boyfriend's side. Thinking that, yes, if the pleasure was anything to go by, he was indeed lucky to have James to love and to hold, and be held in turn. Cory couldn't, however stop himself from thinking the one thought that ruined his previously mushy thoughts, the sex isn't bad either though.

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