A story begins

Each and every day

Know it.

The words a written down

With every breath

Every heart beat.

No one knows

Just how far the story

Will go

And we don't want to.


Good or bad

Aren't always seen

Until they're right in front of

The main character.

This character that you


But don't really know

Is growing

And learning

She will make mistakes

Have her heart broken

Have it put back together

She will cry

She will laugh.

Will you read her story?

Or will you simply

Toss it aside?


If you do just that

Toss it aside

Realize that someone else

Somewhere else

Might just be tossing

Your own story


They might not care.

Realize this,

Know it,

Read her story.

You might see yourself

In the pages

And not realize just how important

You were to making the ending.