Chain Lock.

( Dedicated for Sherry and Elise's love for Total Drama Island. )


" Lets go. We're going to be late for the ball! Owen man! Don't make me come in there.." I threatened, knocking on the bathroom door making a beat.

" Coming! Just a little more gel." The voice answered.

" Its a Masqurade Ball. No one will notice you who you are. Anyway, Its my dad's friends daughters and their friends people that don't even know your alive. "

" Ok. How do I look? " Owen said, ignoring my last sentence. He came out of the toliet and I looked at his hair. Covered by gel.

" ..A bit of gel? Dude, you used my whole tin. " I growled.

" Sssh. Trent doesn't know. " Owen whispered, running out of the room like a mad man.




At the Ball.

I looked inside the huge mansion and glanced over to Owen, who was gaping. We sighed together and nodded, putting our masks on.

"Sir Trent. Welcome to the Naie Mansion. Have a wonderful night. " Chris, the butler said.

" Thank you. Chris, you too. "

Chris slowly slid the doors open and revealed a dark foyer surrounded by people. Hanging over the stairs was a beautiful diamond chandlier.

I looked over at Owen, not surprised at his expression. He was cool and collected 'cause we've seen twice the size of this house before.

" 2 words brother. Lets. Party. On! " Owen said to me, shooting his fist up in the air. "WOOOOOOOOOH! I'm going to take your martini, Mm I like you whats up hot cheeks? " Owen said, making his way through the crowd.

I smirked. Thats 3 words but I agree.

At first I went to the bar and took a couple of drinks. The music blasted through my ears and I couldn't even hear my heart slowly pumping my blood.

" GO DANCE WITH A CHICK OR SOMETHING!! " I heard Owen scream next to me finishing his beer and he disappeared into a girls arms.

I smirked. Typical Owen. I decided to follow his adivce and dance with some random girl, and maybe I could go home with one too..If I'm lucky.

I looked over to the dance floor and spotted a girl dancing on her own, shaking her hair around and her hands in the air. Aha! My target. I thought. I grinned and walked up to her.

She saw me make my way over to her," Hi. Whats your name? " I heard her scream to me over the blasting music, high pitched and all.

I shivered, I never want to hear that voice again.

" Me? Oh I was just finding my girlfriend..I think you know her. Her name is Amy..Have you seen her? Do you know her? "

I saw in that girls eyes that she was disappointed.

Oh..Yeah..I thought.

" Yeah shes outside. Today's your lucky day handsome. You met me. And I'm all available. Who cares about Amy? Shes a slut. You've got me to worry about. " She 'squeaked' coming on to me. I swear I think I just vomited in my mouth.

Was she trying to flirt with me? Cause if she was..Shes failing...epicly.

" Thats impossible. " The girl smiled. " she told me she was going home just a second ago, and I have to tell her I want to marry her. Are you sure she went outside? I saw our limo drive away.."

I walked away leaving her dumbfounded and I tried to find another girl to hit on.

I sighed and went to the back to get some air; stepping out, I saw a girl quickly put her mask on, for she was the only one outside; taking my mask off I sat next to her and I felt her lay her eyes on me and smirked.

" What are you looking at? " I asked.

" The small patch of vomit on your cheek. Digusting." She said, moving away. She must be Amy.

I nearly gagged and got a tissue and whiped it off. Must be from the last girl who told me she vomited just then.

" So why are you out here? " She asked, moving back.

" Air. You? "

" Yeah. I could not have last another second in there. So dodgy and humid. I swear there was this fat guy that was hitting on all these girls. Which was revoulting."

" Yeah..I saw him too..I hear he's a real idiot. Luckily he's not my friend.." I lied thinking of Owen.

" Hn. I hope I can go home now. " She said, taking out her iPhone out.

" Why do you want to go home? " I asked. This girl was starting to interest me.

" I hate this place. Even though its my bestfriends house and I'm hear everyday, Sorry Naie!" She said, screaming the last few words.

"..Your not like other girls are you?" I said peering over at her. I desperately wanted to take off her mask and reveal who it was. I was starting to like this girl.

She laughed. " I guess not. I don't even think I'm a normal person. I hate chocolate, rollercoasters and getting dirty! "

We laughed together

I stared at her and imagined what she'd look like without her mask.

"..Whats..your name..? " I said.

She hesitated and finally spoke.

" Briget. Bridget Housewell. " My eyebrow raised. Wasn't she Amy? I decided to leave it and to try and get her to come to my house.

We talked for and hour and got to know eachother while the party was still going. I began to wonder if Owen was trying to find me.

" Well Miss Housewell, it was a pleasure meeting you ...and I think your limosuine is here. " I said. I don't know why but the last part just came out when I saw a long white limousin parked outside, and honking really loudly. Which was starting to tick me off.

She looked at the car and sighed.

" Oh. Well thank you Trent. " Briget said.

" Thank you Bridget. " I smirked. " Theres one thing..I have to do..before you leave.."

" Oh..and whats that? " Bridget smirked.

I pulled her so close, so close our noses were touching.

" Uh..T-Trent.." She whispered, her warm breath on me. I could tell this wasn't what she expected.

Our lips neared closer and closer.

" TRENT ARE YOU OUT HERE? " Owen yelled, slamming the back door open. When the idiot realised what he did he spoke, a slow scared voice. " Oh sorry man, I didn't expect you to be here mate. "

Bridget laughed nervously and slowly and eagerly pulled away from me, while mumbling 'your friends with that guy who was hitting on me?'

Bridget turned around and smiled. " Bye Trent. " She said, waving and getting into the car and driving away.

I had a suspicious feeling why Bridget didn't take her mask off when she told me her name. I slowly turned to face Owen, and this time he was the one who was laughing awkwardly.

" Aha..I didn't mean too..The limo's here! oh my god the limo is really here. Haha! THE LIMO'S HERE! DUDE I SAID THE LIMO'S HERE. D-DID YOU HEAR ME? THE LIMO'S HERE D-DON'T HURT ME..ARGH! " He screamed after I looked over and saw our limo waiting for us outside. But I still wanted to kill him for ruining my moment with 'Bridget.'. If thats her real name.


The next day, I woke up, having a mini hangover from last night. It was nothing compared to Owen's. I rushed to the bathroom to take some painkillers and dropped back onto my bed with a heavy sigh.

I couldn't stop thinking about yesterday and my meeting with Bridget and what was behind that mask of her's.

Owen entered my room. " Oh man..last night..was hectic.." Owen said, yelling around the corridor, flinging his arms everywhere. " who was that girl you were hanging out after you killed me? I swore I've seen her before..Was she one of the girls I hit on? "

I snickered and went downstairs to do some..research, not deciding to answer Owen's questions.

"..Bridget...Houseman..Enter..Ooookay..lets see what we have.." I typed onto Blackle. I looked excitedly as the LCD computer screen said: 1,000,230 results found.

Wikipedia was the first on my list and I clicked on it.

However, there was no photo. I found out she was born on the 25th of February and she earns alot of money modelling. With that body, HELL YEAH.

I looked at my phone and called my dad.

" Dad. Are any of your friend's daughter a model? " I asked hopefully.

" Yeah son. is the director of the latest movie. Why? "

" Yeah..Um nothing..can you fax me his address? "

" Its already coming. "

I hung up on him and looked down at the fax. 74 Evergreen Avenue. Sounds so fetch..I like it.

I could hear Owen laughing his head off upstairs so I slowly typed in: Trent Chain into blackie.

Wikepedia came up and I clicked on it and read that 'I-was-a-playboy'. Yeah so what if I slept with a few ( see how I'm emphazing that? ) girls and got tired of them and never called back.

I shook it off and Owen came downstairs asking for food.

" Cook it youself. " I nagged.

" No. You're closest to it. "

" To what?"

" ME. Cook already!"

I growled and handed him low-fat yoghurt, chuckling all the way upstairs.

" Now thats just offensive. " Owen mumbled. " You know it was pregnancy who gave me my figure Trent! Unfair moron! Teasing someone as innocent as me."

" OWEN YOUR A MAN. " I yelled from the toliet.

" How do you know? " He replied after a few minutes.

Realising what he said, I cringed. Was I living with a girl?


I rang Bridgets doorbell and the 'greenseelves' tune rang through the mansion.

" Heh cute, " the door opened, revealing someone who I suspected to be her dad. " Hello Mr. Houseman. Is Bridget there? "

" What has that girl gotten into this time? " He whispered.

He called Bridget downstairs and as I saw her I felt a stab of disgust and annoyance through me.

OH GOD. ITS THAT HORRIBLE SQUEAKY GIRL FROM THE DANCE. I thought horribly, with my eyes open wide.

" You're Bridget Housewell? The model? " I spoke suddenly before she could say anything.

" Oh hi " Bridget said spreading the 'i's in the sentence.( But still in the squeaky voice ) " Came back for me huh? Well I'm sorry but I'. HMPH! Say 'hi' to your girlfriend Amy for me. Toodles!"

And with that, she flicked her hair and slammed to door..

On the drive home I wondered...

Had 'Bridget' given me a fake name?

Had she lied about everything else she told me?

Why did 'Bridget' give me a fake name?

Why did she lie?

Was it my breath? Or my words?

I gaped, and remebered her saying how horrible the party was, whilst her best friend Naie! Thats it!

I've got you now Bridget MWAHAHAHA..I thought. I was kind of sounding like an evil scientist wasn't I?

I felt certain I was going to find out who this girl was. No matter what.


I rang the doorbell for the second time today and hearing Greensleeves again. What the hell is wrong with these people and greensleeves??

The door opened.

" NAIE! "

But it wasn't Naie. Not at all. The girl sheilded her face quickly.

I stood there, face to face with the girl I've called 'Bridget' for the past hours.

"H-hello..Naie is inside. " She whispered.

"..I..Why did you lie about your name Bridget? If your real name really is Bridget." I choked out.

"..Its not, " She said, after realising I knew who she was. " My real name's Gwen Isabella Lock. Nice to see you again Trent. "

I was speechless.

" Why did you lie to me Brid-- Gwen? Did you lie about everything else as well?"

" Gwen! Is everything-- Why hello. Who are you? " Naie said, walking towards me.

" Hey..Can I talk to Gwen," I asked. " privately...? "

" Whats the point? Everything you say I'm going to tell Naie anyway. Whatever you want to say to me, you can say it infront of my bestfriend." Gwen said smartly.

I smirked.

" Ok. Why did you lie to me? Did you realise I liked you? "

Gwen went through a million shades of pink and red. Naie just looked at her.

" What are you talking about? Gwens my b-bestfriend and my best maid. " Naie said, interrupting.

" Let mommy and daddy talk child-- wait. What? You're Naies..maid..? " I said, almost shocked.

"..Yes. I'm her maid. Thats why I lied. I knew you liked me, but I didn't want you to fall in love with a maid. " Gwen murmered, looking down on the floor.

I felt heavy and drunk..a little like Owen this morning.

I nodded and walked to my car, swaying, digesting the information I was given.

I looked over to Naies window and saw Gwen staring at me, waving and smiling sadly, just like last night, except I was the one who was driving away.

I drove away and stopped at the red light.

What am I doing? I like her right?


I love her.

I can't let her slip between my fingers like that.

I have to go back.

Smiling, I did a 'U-turn' and drove back to Naies house.

Gwen opened the door again.

" Look. I don't care..if your a maid, or or a criminal or..or..a stripper..I want you..I need you..I' anything to hold you.." I started.

"..But your a playboy..You'll end up breaking up with me anyway.."

I was annoyed. Stupid Wikipedia.

" You've obviously read Wikipedia and searched me up didn't you? "

Gwen laughed.

" And you've obviously, searched yourself up too haven't you?"

I smirked. I swear she is perfect.

" Gwen. Please. I need you. I had a dream about you, I woke up thinking about you, I even searched up your fake name. I. Can't. Stop. Thinking. About. You. Believe it. " I said, holding her shoulders, clutching them real hard.

"I can't. "

" Gwen.."

" Sorry Trent. I can't. I'm a maid. Your father might get angry..and I don't want to be the person who has made you career go down. "

" I don't care about him. He means nothing to me. Not as much as you mean to me. Please Gwen. Please."

" you alot as well..but wouldn't that--"

" I love you. " I interrupted.

She laughed, and looked up into my eyes, with tears.

"From the moment I met you. I thought you were annoying. But in that hour I was starting to like you. It doesn't mean I love you."

"I'll make you love me. Whatever it takes, I'll do it."

" Its like a fairytale. " Gwen said, whiping her tears.

The door opened a little more wider and I saw Naie standing there with a annoyed face." Oh you again. " Naie said, after she saw me.

I kissed Gwen ( Finally ) and nodded.

" Yes its me again. "

" You two have obviously never been seperated from somebody before.." Naie mumble.

" No..we haven't. " Gwen said.

So, we stood there.

Outside Naies house as she stood there staring at us.

And finally embracing one another.