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No one was ever quiet since they got the news. It was either 'Oh, my gosh. I love those guys!' or 'I can't believe they're coming here.' All the halls were absorbed with such whispers, and all the rooms were never silenced by them. Girls were hollering all over the place, holding up banners already weeks before their arrival.

Seriously, was I the only one that was different? Was I truly the only one that actually despised them? It appeared to be so; even my best friends simply adored them. Why couldn't anybody see what I saw in them? Do you want to know why I hated them so much?

Everyone was obsessed with them, and everyone always put the focus on them. I hated it when that happened, when stardom got to the star's head. Yes, these guys were stars. Superstars, rock stars, whatever you call them. They were the Beckon Brothers, and out of all their sorry faces, I hated one the most. Nick Beckon.

He just had one of those 'pretty-boy' faces that would coo any girl over her heels. It was sickening, it was just wrong... and now I'm supposed to see them inside my hotel today? I won't allow it. I had been standing, giving a negative speech about them to Claire, who was also just appeared to be another fan.

"They just can't come into a hotel like this one anytime they like! This place will be overflowing and flooding with people like fans and screaming girls. No, they just can't!" I bellowed, stamping my foot on the carpet. Claire shook her head and glanced back down at the magazine she had been reading. "I think," she began her motherly opinion, "that you are overreacting about this. You're acting like a little girl. Honestly, they're not that bad, and sweetie, this is a five-star hotel. VIPs always come here. What makes them so different from these guys?"

I shot her a dirty look, and she stood up from the sofa, dropping the magazine and placing her clenched fists on her hips. "Sarah, don't you look at me that way. I'm just asking you a simple question. What makes them so different?"

"You don't understand, do you? These guys have so many fans, they think they're so great, and now they're going to mess up our home because of the crowd rushes that there are going to be. There's going to be so much media coming around!" Claire shook her head and calmly said, "Just like any other VIP. There's got to be more than that."

I wasn't the best at exhibiting bewilderment. "They show off more those other VIPs. And that Nick what's-his-face thinks that he's such a pretty boy that he can get any girl he wants. Well, he can't get me!" I stalked off angrily, towards our front door. Stopping before I turned the knob, I paused awhile and carefully traced the outlines of the door's decorations and sighed in frustration.

Well, that was really how I saw it, and in general, I didn't like many VIP's at all. I opened the door with my brows digging into my temples, and I jogged to the elevator, still fuming. The elevator slid down to the lobby, and I roughly closed my eyes, knowing what to expect. The elevator stopped moving, and I already heard the rage taking place in the lobby. It became louder, meaning the doors had opened. I took a deep breath and steadily opened my eyes to find the obvious. People were pushing their way forward in hopes of seeing those special little stars.

The crowd suddenly pulled back for some reason, and it was too late to realize that they were falling like dominoes, and one of them slammed into me. The elevator doors tried to close, but some other people were blocking the doors. I angrily took a deep breath and shoved the girl off of me, picking myself up and dusting myself off. I stepped over the people carelessly. This was what they get for being there in the first place.

I accidentally bumped into someone, and before I mumbled an 'I'm sorry,' I looked up to see who it was. May God strike me where I stood, for standing before me was Nick Beckon himself. I really didn't know what to say, because I had expected that I wouldn't have run into him, and yet, here I stood. He glanced past my shoulder to find people getting up and noticing him, so he quickly asked, "You okay?"

"Why do you care? Maybe I would have been if you would have watched where you were going, pretty boy!" I stormed off to the entrance, but I slowed myself and smacked my forehead. I could have done better than that. Well, it could wait because he would get what was coming to him sooner or later.

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