Ooh, kaboom boom bam

And we drop dead grand

Like flies from the sky

We don't know yes, we don't ask why

Living lovely, living free

Dance and laugh the life for me

We sing, swing, repeat

That's the life, our fracky beat

Kick us out space, we don't care

We've got cheer in our eyes and smiles in our hair

Bring on the drunks

And bring on the stares

We don't care

We've got flair

From the air

And the smiles in the hair

I'm not debonair,

Cuz I'm riding a bear

To city fair

And I don't care

That I've got smiles in my hair

So, you can look

And you can stare

But we've got the cheer in our eyes

And the smiles in our hair

Ooh, kaboom boom bam

And we drop dead grand.

Blame Sing Swing Sing by Benny Goodman, Fred Astaire (love love love him!) and Ginger Rogers (love love love her!). Also, you can blame Swing Time, which is a movie that they were in together. I love that movie though...

I'm just in a 1920s mood today! I wrote this song out of happiness, instead of my usual depressed or ticked states. Woo hoo!