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Like one no-life scientist once said. There is but only a thin line between love and hate. Our brain is a miracle, containing microscopic structures that create emotion and response. In this brain lies the putamen and insula, they share the circuits that respond to such emotions. When constricted with strong amounts of either one, they de-activate large parts of our thinking region. So really love destroyed sanity just as much as hatred ever did. Her putamen responded to his insula and this is where it started, their type of crazy.


"Good evening. This is Jessica Smith reporting from the Chicago Central Hospital." The women beamed her plastic smile, upon her plastic face at the rolling camera. "Tonight, at exactly eight-forty six, an angel was born!"

She gestured widely at the stony, large building behind her. There were many others just like her, standing in front of their little cameras and smiling their large smiles. Jessica knew this was her chance, this was her big break.

"Yes! We are talking about the heavily anticipated birth of the Baby's baby. In fact, our little boy has been so eager to join this world; he has decided to come a week early!" Jessica giggled and threw her hands in the air.

"Five months ago, the shotgun marriage between young rising actress Amy 'Cleopatra' Faylevi and genius producer Guy 'Casanova' Baby has brought the United States into an uproar. It all came as an immense shock, but soon we were seeing them holding hands and declaring love so often, it seemed like old news. Today on the other hand, is a day of major significance for the whole acting world." A few tiny crocodile tears leaked down Jessica's face, she let them drip for a while before dramatically swiping them away.

"Our treasured little boy, our blessed child, who shall be adored by the most adored people in the U.S, is here!"

"The birth of Benjamin Baby, plus as mentioned in a press conference a few weeks back. The weekday of his birth was to become his middle name, so technically this is the birth of Benjamin Monday B-...excuse me." Jessica furrowed her eyebrows and pressed her transmitter deeper into her ear. A look of shock flashed across her face.

"Oh...The most up-to-date news has just been sent over! It so happens that our little Mr Baby is actually an undetected Miss Baby! Our doctors are going to be in a lot of trouble; Guy has only recently bought a custom designed car baby stroller for our baby boy. Seemingly they are taking the news good heartedly and just having a little laugh." Jessica flipped her hair at the camera and gave her trademark giggle.

"Here we go! After the little mix-up, we have the true news. Let us all welcome to the world, Miss Blanche Monday Baby! We have great expectations for this little darling; she's going to be as beautiful as her mother and as successful as her father! In a few years time, she may just be stealing the headlines off her parents!" With a final trademark giggle, the connection was cut.


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