Of Flirtatious Acts and Birth Control

Angelina's POV

There is something almost blissful about serenity. The way silence can comfort you and prepare you for what is coming, the calm before the storm. It's this almost spiritual moment, when all you need in the world is yourself, and when that is all you can feel. Days, hours, minutes or mere seconds, when the entire Earth seems to stop for you and slow to a better pace. These times when nothing seems to matter and it feels fine to reminisce of a day long gone. Sadly, there is none such bliss for me.

The sound of crying wakes me, as it always does. Leaping out of the comforts of my quilt I go searching for the source of the wailing. I miss all the squeaky floorboards, the loose third step, the painting that likes to fall off the wall and bash people in the head and the toy trucks that are always present at the bottom of the staircase. Even in the pitch black I know where all the tight turns are in the small house and where parts of the floor has crumbled and cracked. This is my home and I am its ruler.

Although I am a good ruler, my disciples are…much less trained. If I don't stop this crying soon then- The sound of whining begins from upstairs, I sigh and close my eyes, typical.

This would be one of those moments when tranquillity should bless me. Soon yelling begins and the sound of something thumping to the ground is evident, typical.

I turn away from my previous destination and turn on all the lights downstairs, making my way back up and turning the ones in the hall on too. Rummaging in the hall closet and uncover the symbol of my dominance, my megaphone.

"Shut up!" The sound makes the thin walls vibrate; I hope our neighbours are feeling particularly generous tonight. "Meeting in the hall. Now!"

I clamp my eyes shut again and force deep breaths through my mouth. The sound of many feet clambering gives the building a heartbeat. When I open my eyes again, three little Asian boys of different sizes stand sheepishly before me.

"Who was the cryer?" I glare at their tufts of brown hair. They quickly point at each other, typical.

"Want to try that again?" I narrow my eyes now and watch as they slowly point at themselves. Little fools.

"Pledge. Repeat. Now!" They gloomily shuffle and look at each other, Mitch juts out his chin defiantly. He's turning ten, it's a difficult time.

"Mitch, you get to say the pledge." He looks for a second as if he would refuse, that was deflated rapidly under one of my glances.

"Our dearest, mummy and daddy work day and night to keep us safe. We must be good boys and behave at all times." Little five year old Heath is nodding enthusiastically, that suck up.

I look at Jerry; he's staring down at the ground and snubbing his toe against the wood. I soften at his ashamed state, eight year olds shouldn't have nightmares and Mitch won't let him forget that.

It's time to dismiss them, they've had enough and my peace is awaiting my return. I look back at the three boys all yawning and mewing. Wait…three? I gasp.

"Where's Aiden?" They all shake their heads but Mitch has a smirk across his face.

"Mitch. Where's Aiden?" I grab his arm; he looks scared before he blows a raspberry into my face. I squeeze down hard.

"I don't know Angie! Stop it!" I shove him so that he falls painfully to the ground, angry tears well up in his eyes.

"You do know. You share a room with him." My breath catches, it pains me so not to comfort him.

Mitch whimpers and shakes his head. "He paid me ten dollars not to tell."

I bend down and cuddle him; he fights me, too old for hugs now. "I'll give you twenty, now where is Aiden?"

"He's gone to his girlfriend's house." I release him from shock.

"He doesn't have a girlfriend!"

"He's had a girlfriend for ages," they all say in unison. Heath even pipes in a happy, "her name is Bethany and she's very pretty!"

My stomach churns. "He's only fourteen!"

Mitch shrugs. "He always comes back before breakfast anyway."

I grit my teeth and send the boys to bed. Aiden isn't going to be served just pancakes in the morning. Sighing, I wearily lift myself from the floor and proceed to my own bedroom; the only up of being the oldest and only daughter.

I snuggle into my quilt and try to get some more sleep. The boys had always been my responsibility, ever since I could handle it.

They're my children, Aiden, Mitch, Jerry, Heath…and Blanche of course.


I'm ready to scold. The air sparks with the intensity of my stare and my lips itch to begin the defaming. Blanche seems far less affected by this display than Aiden did. I scrutinise her as she turns her head and begins jotting down more notes. My fingers twitch at the need to do the same, ignoring this impulse I clear my throat.

"Angelina Zee, just do it already." Blanche rolled her eyes and scribbles in her book.

Leaning over I hissed quietly in her ear. The absurdities of liking Alexis, the dangers, the recklessness and the horrible outcomes possible. Basically everything I've said already that she has ignored effectively.

"Okay. Okay." Blanche threads her fingers through my hair, rubbing lightly against my scalp. "I need this Zee. Please."

I knew otherwise but I couldn't stop her. I patted her hand and turned away, there would be more of this later. That's when the cool voice hit us like frosty wind.

"Blanche Baby." It made my head snap up horribly and face the girl who was turning to look at us.

She had creamy blonde hair that was dead straight, only dozens of products could make it look that healthy and non-frizz, her eyes were the coldest blue, skin tanned golden and lips pursed in an unimpressed manner.

This was Crystal Hayes; this was Blanche's ex-best friend.

I couldn't help but gulp and set my pen down quietly. She was observing Blanche pointedly and I had to clench my fists to stop myself from stopping her. Her boyfriend turned around to check the scene, what was his name again? Thomas? It didn't matter anyway. If you could prove you were better than the other boys, sports, entertainment or talents. Then you were crowned Crystal's new boy toy and funny enough, everyone respected you for being her bitch. This was the Queen of Robert & Richard, a title that should be Blanche's.

"Blanche Baby and I thought you left the school." The girl smiles now.

"Don't worry, I'm still here." I snap around to face Blanche; her tone was so chilly and so…unBlanchelike.

"That's what I like to hear." Crystal's smile dropped into a stony sneer.

"I'm glad. Tommy is it?" Blanche turns to Thomas and presents a little smile, the man makes a fairly unsubtle grunting sound. Crystal clears her throat and latches on to him; I continue to stare at Blanche. Who is this cold lady before me?

"I just wanted to generously invite you to our end of term party. You have been quite the talk." Her eyes sparkled, this was a challenge, typical.

"I would like to generously accept then." Blanche smiles and gives Tom a wink.

"I hope everything with Lexi will work out." Crystal pulls a tiny card from her bag and places it on Blanche's desk. She turns her cold stare towards me; it made me irate and hateful.

"I'm awfully sorry but there are only so many generous invitations one can give." She turns and hands her bag to Thomas, uncrossing her legs and swaying out the room.

I turn around to gape at Blanche. "Why'd you accept?"

"I needed to. Alexis will definitely be there. It's just one night anyway! Zee, just this once." She smiles at me, her happy Blanche smile.

I look away, suddenly worried that more damage could be done than what I had expected.


We've been working on the chorus for almost an hour now. I glare at the plump conductor before us, smiling happily as if this is all going to plan. The bucktoothed girl next to me is squawking out 'rejoicing words' and sending a steady fall of spittle on the aisle below her. Typical.

I was hardly in a mood to 'rejoice' about anything and there was a certain blonde that was attracting way too much attention. Flicking his hair, smiling to the innocent choir girls beside him, singing happily and having the time of his life.

This man that all the ladies were so very happy to fawn over is completely evil. I could tell by the everlasting smile, the confident but shy façade and mostly, that glint in his eye that seemed to portray a strange emotion. There was something wrong with this man and I was going to figure out what.


I ground my teeth; the rest of the choir was still acting like there could be no wrong in the world, when all my brain cells were being wasted upon setting up a plan. A plan that would be successful, foolproof and be able to catch him and get Alex right where I need him! Begging for mercy.

It all clicked then. What was it that Blanche desired most? What Alexis was tolerating and probably trying to snag just as much? Love and adoration. If I were to show a larger quantity of that 'love and adoration' Alexis would break and…we'd see him as the horny, rapist, teenager that he is! It was perfect.

Now all I have to do…is flirt.

All understood Angelina Zee doesn't flirt. Angelina Zee doesn't even acknowledge the existence of the opposite sex. That doesn't mean Angelina Zee doesn't know how to flirt and acknowledge the opposite sex. After all, having Blanche as a best friend teaches you a thing or two.

Or so I hoped.

The need for eye contact, the most essential thing in flirting. I gulped and looked down the row to where Alex was. He was acting good and looking straight ahead, as if no one could spot the evil villain behind those angelic-like green eyes. I gulped again and had to keep the bile from rising in my throat as I stared at him.

He really isn't quite unhandsome, acceptable even. The kind of man a lady would nip around her elbow and dance with at balls. He was that man, the show and tell boy and I didn't like an inch of him. Scrunching up my nose, I craned my neck forward to try and catch his eye. He kept looking forward.

There was a small growling noise coming from the back of my throat, the spit girl could hear this and was staring amazedly at me. He grins and subtly smiles towards the plump old lady, such an obscure and content expression, I couldn't help but feel bitter. I craned my neck more and gazed at him intently.

Something was making a groaning sound; I say something since this wasn't a someone. Thank goodness for that too. This groaning noise was that of metal, whining under a misplacement of pressure perhaps? I smile because I'm very good at sounds, why, I have to say I'm very good at everything.

Alex turns to me now; he's blinking rapidly and showing a look of shock perhaps? This must be working; I pulled the muscle on my left face upwards in a grinning motion.

Then fell swiftly out of the stands.

Apparently, the groaning noise had indeed been caused by the misplacement of pressure. Extensively so, it was my pressure and leaning so far away from the stands well…let's just put it that the lady underneath me is having a bad day.

My head hits something hard, the texture and coolness helps me decipher that this is probably the marble floor. My brains really aren't much of use at this point, a strong pulsing and ringing sound is making me whine.

"Angel are you okay?" Large hands are prying me away from the lady underneath me, she's laughing somewhat.

"Mm?" Raking coughs are sending tremors through my body; I look up at the blurry blonde figure. It's time for another move.

"Umm…Err…Did it hurt when you fell from hea-heaven?" I forced a dizzy smile back on my face.

He laughs and our bodies tremble. "I think you're doing more of the falling."

I consider this for a moment, my head hurts. "True…"


Alex flattens the grass out and lets me sit upon his jacket. I glare at him, not impressed by his antiques. We were, more accurately, I was sent outside to get some fresh air and Alex had volunteered, more accurately, been dragged by me out of the room.

Currently he sits down next to me and plucks at threads of grass. I run my hand up and down his arm; Alex looks at me with a strange expression. I'm too lazy to try and smile at his pretty face, what was that other trick? I blink rapidly at him; did I need to tilt my head as well?

"Is...is your eye okay?" He lifts my face up with his palm concernedly; I go back to glowering at him.

I don't give up and I wouldn't now, lifting my other hand I slide it against his raised arm. I had to apply some pressure, sensual pressure wasn't it?

"Mm...Mm...!" I smile genuinely now, I knew I could get the hang of this.

"St-Stop! Angel it really hurts!" Alex snatches his hand away and massages his wrist. I roll my eyes; I could tell Blanche that Alex is a wuss that can't stand a little bit of fun pain but…that would probably make her love him more, typical.

"What's gotten into you?" He looks shocked and amused, if I wasn't on such a mission I would run away from this dazzling and annoying creature. Instead I lean forward and show off my cleavage.

"Mmm…I don't know. You tell me." I talk slow and seductively, wiggling my shoulders for full effect.

Alex just smiles and shakes his head, he doesn't even look down! I daresay even Angelina Zee is getting frustrated at this point. What am I doing wrong?

"Have you eaten something funny Angel?" Alex tries to push me into a sitting position; I dig my elbows into the grass.

"I don't know, you tell me." I manage to utter through gritted teeth, I trail my hand against his leg.

"Angel, please. This is sort of really weird." He laughs uncomfortably and starts to edge away. Never! Flirtatious acts of adoration and sexual activities must be conducted at close proximity!

I lunge forward with my hand and try to grasp onto his leg.

Instead…I grasp onto something close to that region. It's squishy, soft, kind of…meaty. Alex yelps and starts to scamper. What's wrong? He's yanking at my hand and that's when I realise…I've been holding onto his. Well…technically it's his…male reproductive organ?

I do what any sensible multi-pierced, Asian, nerd with a plan to destroy does. I have a panic attack.


By the time he's managed to calm me and he down, we are both on the edge of exhaustion. Spasms of pain are still coursing through my chest but I couldn't care less. The whole subtle plan to reveal his evil deeds? Yeah, screw that.

I sit back up onto his jacket, realising this I get off and chuck his jacket to kingdom come. Sitting back down on the grass, I turn to face him.

Alex is staring at me like a child who has been denied candy, may I just say this is 'hardly' fair. He isn't the one who's been going against their morals to save their best friend.

"You." I clench my fists.

"Me?" He whimpers and it only infuriates me more.

"You! You evil bastard lord!" I stop to catch my breath and make sure I won't hyperventilate again. "You-…err."

"You were up to bastard lord." Alex sits up and raises his eyebrows at me. How dare that little squirt!

"You bastard lord! You've been infiltrating into my best friend's mind and altering her universe! You are to stop at once and get rid of all hopes of ever having anything with her! She deserves much better, someone who will appreciate her instead of making her wait and keep pining. Blanche is an amazing and idealistic girl and you are to go and reject her right this moment! Then I can nurse her aching heart and get her back to how we were before! Bastard Lord you are also to stay away from that-that end of term party. Stay away from Blanche! She's too perfect and fragile for you!" I had to grip the grass to steady myself.


"What?" I gulped very audibly.

"No. I won't. I want to get to know Blanche. So no. Evil bastard lord is staying where he is." He sighs and gets up. "Blanche seems a lot stronger than you think she is."

Shock, absolute surprise. What is this man talking about? I scramble to my feet and stare at his passive face. He lifts his hand and it's as if I've been trapped, trapped gazing into those green eyes with the strange glint.

I could only watch, frozen to the spot as he threads his fingers through my silver hair. Only stand and shiver as he dislodges my hair band, letting the strands fall messily against my shoulders.

"You shouldn't make Blanche the focus of your life Angel. It's almost depressing." He disentangles his fingers and walks away holding his bedraggled jacket.

Almost depressing? That blonde, stupid little green-eyed devil said I was?



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