Music drifted in the room, a soft melody. A tune for lovers to show their love for each other. The young man in front of me bowed, offering his hand. He smiled, in hopes that I would honour him with a dance. In this greatly decorated hall, we stood motionless. Others around us had already started dancing gracefully. He waited patiently for me. I gripped the hem of my ball gown, becoming more nervous as the seconds tick by. How did I end up in this kind of situation, one might ask. Well, my answer would be fate.

A few days ago, I was running away from my chores of feeding the chickens. I walked aimlessly in the town square, humming a tune now and then. Felling hungry suddenly, I stopped at a stall which sold big juicy apples. I asked for the biggest and the reddest one they have. As I was about to hand in the coins, a boy snatched the coins away from my hand. He then ran helter-skelter, laughing gleefully.

Acted on instinct (and forgetting the apple), I sprinted off to catch the unmannered boy.

"Hey, you! Stop!" I shouted. Did the boy heed my orders? No. Instead, he closed his ears and blew a very wet raspberry on my direction. Losing my temper, I ran faster. The boy was fast too, and he was small. Now and then he would turn to face me and made faces.

I chased the boy all over the town square. The people around me were a blur as I increased my speed. Determined to catch the boy, I vowed not to stop for anything, even to catch my breath. My vow, however, was broken when I collided with a guy, and losing my balance.

"Ouch!" I cried in pain, rubbing my head furiously. I looked at the person whom I had collapsed with; a guy around my age, rubbing his forehead too.

Since I was hungry and had a bad day trying to catch a trouble maker, I was not the most tolerant person in the world for the time being. So, I exploded.

"Now look what you've done! Have you no eyes? Can't you see I'm trying to catch an insolent kid here?" I lashed at the guy.

The guy looked baffled, and cute at the same time. I do not know why suddenly I felt like my legs had turned into jelly, just by looking at the guy. Feeling my face turning red, I looked down and mumbled an apology.

"Na na na. You can't catch me," the boy who had robbed me provoked me. He was only a few feet away. Smiling an evil smile, he showed his arse at me. I felt like a volcano had erupted inside of me. Standing up, I was ready to continue my pursue.

"No, wait. I'll catch him for you," the guy that I had forgotten for a while said. Without waiting for my reply, he started off for that kid. I stood there like an idiot, at a loss what to do. Thinking that this might take a while, I sat on a barrel, counting for the minutes to pass.

Just as I was counting up to seventy, the guy came back with the thief. He did not look tired at all. The kid, on the other hand was not happy with his capture. His face was full of disgust for the one who had captured him.

I gave a piece of my mind to the kid. The kid just gave me a grumpy look. Feeling sorry for him, I bought him some food, which took him by surprise. Eyes shining, he said thanks and ran off happily. I too thanked the guy for helping me. He just smile and said it was nothing. He offered to take me home.

We stopped at the front gate of my house. As I opened the gate, the guy whose name was William, handed me something. It was an invitation card to the prince's coronation this weekend. I raised my eyebrow. Who is this guy? He must have been someone important to receive such invitation. William explained that he had no partner to go with, and since he did not have any lady friends, he invited me instead. He said all this too fast and looked away, embarrassed. I was at a loss of words.

Now, standing in front of me was the prince. Prince William I might add. William still waited for me. Taking his hand, we danced clumsily in the hall. I did tell him that I have two left feet. We laughed. I wanted this moment to last forever. Me, dancing with a handsome prince. What more could a girl hoped for?

Without warning, a shrill sound eco around the hall. I woke up with a start. It was only a dream. My dance with William, was only a dream. I hit the snooze of the alarm clock, feeling disappointed. I was just having the best dream of my life.

"Lillian! Phone call. Someone named William," my mother shouted from downstairs. I smiled knowingly. Was the dream, really a dream?