My Not-So-Secret Admirer

~Chapter One


Author's Note: Hi, just passing by. I wanted to do a more light-hearted story (despite my tight schedule...), so here it is. Hope you all like it. Please read&review~

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"Millicent, what is the answer to the next question?" Mrs. Helen's snide voice resonated through the classroom.

"Um…I don't know…"

Then Milly looked down at the desk and furiously blushed. From my side, I could see her twiddling her thumbs nervously. Uh oh, Mrs. Helen looked like she was going to explode into a brilliant display of fireballs.

I quickly flipped to the question, noted the answer and raised my hand. Mrs. Helen gestured to me.

"Yes, Priscilla."

I grinned. "42."

Okay, WAIT. Didn't Isaac (who was, by the way, the class geek) say something in awe about 42 being the answer to the universe or some other mathematical nonsense? Oh god, no. Mrs. Helen looked red. Fuming red. With anger!

"Priscilla! What did you just say? Were you trying to joke with me?" She demanded, her voice rising quickly to a shrill falsetto.

I shook my head vigorously and smiled as innocently as I could. Come on, Priscilla, spread the oh-but-I'm-so-innocent-so-please-don't-hurt-me vibes soon…

Then, at the worst moment possible, Spencer (that idiot) just had to infuriate me.

"42! Ha, since when were you a geek, Priscilla?" He whispered to my back.

That was IT! I stood up angrily, shocking everyone, even Mrs. Helen, and shouted, "HEY, SHUT UP ALREADY, IDIOT!"

And that was it.

Collective gasps filled the classroom. Spencer and his cronies sniggered behind me and I felt utterly humiliated. My face turned dismal as a huge frown replaced Mrs. Helen's shock and when she opened her mouth to speak, I squeezed my eyes shut.


Okay, I really imagined that, but of course she didn't say that. Teachers didn't have violent tendencies like video-game addicts (me).

"Priscilla. Report straight to the principal's office after this lesson. I will be there to tell him of your…indecent outrages."

Indecent outrages?! INDECENT OUTRAGES?!

The class had turned silent, except for Spencer who was still quietly sneering at my great 'feat'. Then the bell rang and Mrs. Helen walked out huffily. The whole class broke into an uproar.

"Amazing, Pris! How did you manage to face the witch head-on? Impart to me your secrets to success!"

"I didn't know you knew the Great One, which is 42."

"So you do have a brain, huh? You had me completely fooled! Now, d'you know the answer to question eight?"

Oh, stop it. The idiom was so right. The one that went, "If you are a king, respect is natural but if you are a fool, you know what? Everyone's already laughing at you." Actually…now that I thought of it…it wasn't an idiom, was it? Or was it not…okay, I was confusing myself.

I hurried out of my classroom and turned around the corridor to the principal's office. Ugh, I would have done nearly ANYTHING to avoid my fourth detention in the week. It was really so horrid to have people make you angry and then get the price for shouting back at them.

I wasn't polite or anything. It just wasn't in my character. Everyone would compliment me as a frank, honest person, but if you cut out all the nonsense, it just went like this:

So rude, rude, rude!

Well. Fine with me. Bluntness was one thing I loved about myself. I felt free to express my opinion. I knocked on the door to the office and when I heard a "Come in", I peered inside and strolled in.

Principal George. A fine example of a dapper gentleman in an overcoat: good demeanor, pleasant smile, and a nice moustache…

And of course, not forgetting that plump belly he had.

"Good morning, dear. Heard you got into a little skirmish again." He rumbled in his low, amused voice.

I groaned inwardly.

"Now, now. From what I know, you've gotten around 140 000 detentions since the start of school this term?"

I really wanted to whack his head with a sledgehammer. George (a friendly, affectionate term) could be quite the amnesiac at times…I forced a smile.

"No. Actually, I had eight detentions." I corrected, my face strained by the effort of smiling at his 'joke'.

"Ah! Yes, yes. That's it," He exclaimed cheerily.

He kind of reminded me of Santa in a young child's house, suddenly remembering the present that the child had wished for. "Hmm…toy grenade or Barbie doll? Ah! Yes, yes. That's it. Barbie doll!"

"You see, I've heard of your valiant acts, Priscilla. Saving that poor chap from those thugs three years ago? Brave. Worthy of a hero, my dear!"

I nearly exhausted my brain trying to remember who had I saved. Charlie? No, wait, that was some guy from the public library's Reading Club. Or was it that kitty I saved from the tree? Hmm…

"Don't you know? Duncan Hale? Delinquent from the RGU? Rough Guys United?"

I choked upon hearing that familiar name again. Duncan Hale. He was an okay guy to me, but to others, he was an awesomely awesome guy who excelled at both sports and academics. I guess my boyish tendencies just kept me off the obsession.

He was a kind guy, despite his somewhat wicked-and-bad-ass-looking face. On that day that I had saved him from his violent, angry teammates, he had thanked me. Saluted me. He looked up to me and told me that he would do anything for me.

After that day, I stayed as far away as I could from him.

Then, George's next words came into mind. RGU…Rough Guys United-WHAT!

I burst out laughing maniacally. "What? They were called…" I couldn't stop laughing. It was way too…rough…guys…united…

George maintained his polite smile. "Indeed. Now, my dear. Serious business. I see you need some guidance out of your little mischief phase. Who better to look for than our high-scoring, most-athletic Duncan Hale? The lad who owes you a lifetime of a favor?"

And suddenly, I stopped my maniacal laughter. What? What did he just say?

"Good that you see this as a serious matter. So, you see, Duncan will be helping you out at our school's Community Club. Through this, I hope you two will foster better relations and also become more mature."

I gaped at George. "No way!"

The Community Club was one of our school's special clubs. It was based on the spirit of giving and volunteering. I did love helping people, plus my friends were in the club, so obviously I had joined it.

Duncan Hale…I pictured him standing next to me, smiling sweetly like how he would every time he saw me. Oh god. NOOO! I wasn't going to let him get close to me.

"Now, Priscilla. Go back to class. The plan will commence tomorrow. No arguments. Full stop. Excuse me, if you would please." George announced with finality before leaving the room.

I stood there, stunned at his words. Duncan Hale. I needed to consult a fortune-teller and get an admirer-repelling talisman…ASAP!