My Not-So-Secret Admirer

~Chapter Three

"This is just great."

I rubbed my hands in nervous excitement. Hee hee. Spencer The Egoistical was going to suffer! I sneered at the bucket of water I had hung over the door to our little club room (you know, a room for our club. Or something like that.)

Then there was the glued-on chair leg on the visitor's chair…

And of course, can't forget the extra-spicy finger foods…

Ah, but here was the masterpiece. The finale to my little surprise party…

I lithely jumped onto the chair and hopped up onto the table to check the platter I had attached to the ceiling with a few strings. Inside it was some pretty little worms and I cooed at them lovingly.

Wait, did I just say that? Forget that part. Scratch that.

I descended and stood back to admire yet again my perfect contraptions, which were ready to scare the living hell out of my poor, desolate enemy. Spencer, Spencer, Spencer, I thought as I clucked my tongue, you are so going to love this.

At that moment, the door opened and I jumped in surprise. I quickly lunged at the rope that would release the traps. I heard a yelp and I stifled a laugh. Victory was mine! Until, that is, I turned back to see how much Spencer liked my 'gift'.

"D-D-D…" I stammered. No words could express my feelings.

Standing in front of me was Duncan, and he looked thoroughly upset. His eyebrows were knitted in confusion.

"Were you preparing for Spencer's party or mine?" He asked with a tinge of wry amusement in his voice.

I smiled at him, trying to express my apologies. "The former," I mumbled out, "Sorry about that."

Then he went and sat on the chair with its flimsy glued-on legs. I gasped in horror as he went down hard onto the floor. He glowered at me before standing up. He brushed the back of his pants using his hands and sighed as he took a fry from the finger food platter.

Uh oh.

Then his face turned red, not from anger but from the special spicy concoction I had added excessively to the food. He seemed to be choking and he coughed violently. I rushed to him and hit him on the back a few times. When he finally recovered from the coughing, he wheezed and wiped off a few tears off his face.

He stared at me tiredly and asked, "Any more?"

I pointed to the ceiling. The plate of worms was still attached and the trigger was hidden somewhere on the table. What I had planned for Spencer to receive had been dealt onto the poor guy. I really felt guilty.

He stretched his arms up into the air and sat down on the tabletop facing me. I saw the not-so-obvious brown trigger below the area he would occupy and I made a dive for him. Stupid Duncan! He had to perfectly land himself into each and every of my traps!

The plate of worms came falling down and I wrapped my arms around him.

I heard a sigh of exasperation.

"Don't move, all right?" He whispered into my ear. I felt a hand gently touch my skirt (a knee-length one, whew) and brush against it. It was kind of odd and my face just went warm. I knew he was helping me to get off the worms, but yeesh, I could have just done it myself!

I jerked away and stood up defiantly. I was Priscilla, not some weak girl who needed help all the time. Then I puffed my chest out, turned away and walked out of the room with a confident gait. I heard chuckling as I headed out.

I slumped against the walls of the corridor and my face turned a whole lot redder. I should really stop blushing too much. I had never blushed so much in my life until recently. Because of the guy that just won't stop bothering me. Duncan Hale.

Maybe Milly would be able to give some love advice? Yes, yes, that would be good. She was a lovable character and had always been hounded by boys. She would know what to do. Plus, she was my best friend! I could count on her to give the right advice!

So, with that, I walked off to find Milly for an urgent love talk.


"Rochette, what do you think?"

He nodded and licked his lips. "As long as we don't hurt Milly."

I ran a hand through my hair and let out sigh. "Yeah, I know. We're just going to give the wretch a little warning so that she knows that she can't mess with us."

He took out a CD case labeled 'Student Information' and inserted it into his laptop. "I got this from my uncle, you know, the administrator for the school. He was a little unwilling at first, but I convinced him that I wasn't using it for any bad business."

I smirked. "No worries. What we're going to do…isn't really that bad. More like nasty."

Rochette laughed and he quickly accessed the database.

"Hmm, did you know that she has an allergy to certain seafood? Prawns..."

I raised an eyebrow at him. I didn't care about any of this nonsense. I snatched the mouse from Rochette and scanned through the data. Oh, how exciting. Her personal info was all laid out nicely like a picnic in front of me.

So she lived in room 205, huh. The school had dorms that we could stay in. After all, it was a private school. If it hadn't been for its prestigious reputation, I would never have entered the school. But the little brat was annoying. The first day I had locked gazes with the five-feet monster, I knew that we were already enemies.

Priscilla did generally well in everything and I had ensured that she didn't at least in one aspect. Her record was turning blacker each day with the ruckus she…or rather, I made her cause. A smile crept slowly to my face as I remembered the amusing expression of anger on her face.

She was irritating, like a fly that just wouldn't stop. Every single day I tried to lie down with my current girlfriend, ah, she just had to shoot me down with an insult or a glare. I had made things tough sometimes, but what was she to have her revenge? Only a low, humble little girl from god-knows-where!

When I had heard of her being a heroine to the poor delinquent Duncan Hale, I had nearly burst out laughing. She wasn't a heroine. She was just plain mean. Duncan liked her and she had flatly refused the popular and athletic genius. Even I liked Duncan.

Of course, not romantically, but he was a good guy.

"Stop grinning to yourself. You know how much of an idiot you look like when you smile like that?" Rochette chuckled.

I waved my finger as if to say, "No, no, no, you're totally wrong."

Many people called me proud and arrogant, but they hardly realized that I had scored marks worthy of distinction students for the recent exams. I was extremely smart, but I guess it would have sounded fake and out of character if I started explaining their homework.

For one thing, they wouldn't even begin to understand what the hell I was talking about.

I stood up and headed for the door. "Time for the plan to commence."

Rochette stayed behind me and replied in a mocking voice, "Yes, Lord Spencer."


"So, Spencer didn't show up, huh?"

Milly sat onto the sofa with a frown set upon her face.

"Why? Are you disappointed? You like Spencer, huh?"

She averted her gaze away from me and her frown grew deeper.

"No," She answered softly, "It's not that."

I cocked my head to one side. "Why are you being so concerned about Spencer? He's such a jerk."

"He's not really a jerk and you know it, Pris. We've seen him being a kind soul once or twice. Plus, he's nice towards a lot of people, even some of the teachers."

Apparently, he only targeted me and a few other not-so-nice teachers. Male teachers, to be specific. Spencer would never turn away a female teacher, especially the young, perky ones. I sniggered at the image in my mind.

"Pris, maybe it's you who's causing this sour relationship to form."

My blood started to boil. What?! It was totally that idiot's fault that…hmm. Milly was right in some ways. My temper was really crappy. A lot of people said that about me too.

"All right, I think that's enough for today. It's getting late. Melissa may be waiting."

Yeah, that was right. Melissa was our friend and she was a bright and cheerful person. Sadly, she was often ill because of her weak constitution so she never really joined in much in the activities we had. I lived in the same dorm room as her, while Milly lived with some other classmate.

We both said our goodbyes and parted. I strolled along the corridor and started down the stairway. I saw a sudden movement to my right and I quickly backed away, but it was a little too late. My necklace! The one my mom had given to me before school started.

I thrust my hand at the thief and tried to get it back. The thief was really strong, though. He pushed my hand away and I nearly fell. Luckily I quickly regained my balance. Now I flew for the thief's shoulders and yes! I managed to wrap my arms around his neck.

He groaned and struggled to get me off. I took his mask off and I was shocked. Blonde hair…he turned around and I gazed into his sapphire eyes…SPENCER?

The bastard cursed silently and hugged me tight. Why was he hugging me? Then he walked off with me lifted up in the air (he was like nearly six feet tall, so…yeah.) and fumbled with his keys before entering a room.


I screamed as loudly as I could but he placed a hand over my mouth to silence me. He tied me up with ropes and threw me onto the carpeted floor.

"Shut up, you witch."

I was a little dazed and I shouted back, "What did you say?!"

His face scrunched up in utter dislike. "Not something that you wouldn't want to hear. Don't worry."

Then he dangled my necklace in front of my face and crouched over me, each leg placed on each side of my body (such a daring posture even for a devil like him). He smirked widely as he swung it like a pendulum.

I growled, snarled and slithered at the jerk, but he just stared at me with his most irritating smile put on.

"I know a little game my friends just love to play," Spencer taunted, "I thought a wretched little witch like you would love it too."

And he kept on explaining.

"A risk taker you are, adventurous, witty! That's why I recommend this game…"

I sulked at his description of me. When an enemy said it, it seemed really evil. I hollered for help once more.

"Oh, stop screaming. I know you'd love to die from absolute delight, but…"

He had placed his hand over my mouth again.

"Save it for later, let's play the game now."

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt while maintaining that malevolent smile on his handsome face. I yelped and closed my eyes.

"What in the world are you doing?!"

His smirk widened as he drawled out in a sickly sweet accent, "We're playing 'Strip The Other Party', sweetheart, so if you're not stripping, how are we gonna play the game?"

My eyes widened reflexively.

How the hell did I get into this?!

Duncan…Leon…Milly…where are you all when I need you?

Tears started streaming down my face, but it was the least of my worries. I didn't wear makeup. But this…this…atrocious man was going to…

I screamed as loud and shrill as I could and hoped desperately for someone to save me. I needed help, but…

It seemed to be a desolate attempt for I kept hearing the ominous laughter of the jerk ringing in my ears…


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