U.S.A to Tokyo

By: Daph

"Ding-dong" ……..Ah….another long ending to another boring Friday here at Morin Middle. I'm Iris, a basic 14 year old blondy girl, suffering a life in a small town named Kindlin. I go to Morin Middle every Monday thru Friday….and if we are on the same page you will notice how similar Morin and the word BORING are. Yeah….well, here I'm a basic "nobody", but what some people don't know is I have a secret life after school. I study JAPANESE! Cool huh? What!?!? What do you mean that's not cool? Can you read and speak Japanese? Didn't think so. I had no idea I would need the skill so much as I came to realize one faithful fieldtrip.

"So, everyone who is going on the fieldtrip, please go to your bus with your bags and don't forget anything!!" announced my loud teacher, Mrs. Baga. It is a funny name already but in Japanese it also means "stupid!" Seriously!!! "So, are you excited about the fieldtrip, Iris?" asked a low pitched from behind. I turn to face a face full of curly red hair. "PLEHHH!! Hey Barry…." I say through a mouthful of the faded red hair. "Oh sorry!" he apologizes as he takes a step back. As he does I get to take a look at hi face, yet it is still hard to ignore the red afro. He stood about 4'4", not that tall but his insane hair made up for it. His pale white face smothered in small brown freckles, hazy green-gray eyes, and ridiculously long nose that just showed past his hair if you looked down at him. "So are you ready?" he asks. "Huh-wuh? Oh yeah." He is strange yet his is my closes friend. So we grab our bags and head for the shuttle bus that says 'Travel-tram.'

I flip through a pamphlet as we prepare to go on a plane to New York for 1 week. Barry has trouble with his seat next to me so his moved to a seat in the back, so I doze off. "Ding-ding, now boarding!" yet I don't hear it. To tired to look. Whatever……

"Ding-ding!" ……YAWN!!!!……..Huh? Where is Barry? On that note, where is everyone?!? "Now boarding!" said the flight attendant. "Oh! Wait!" I said to her as I scrambled to grab my things. I quickly flashed my ticket to her as she tore it in half, while she stared dazed in the direction of the young co-pilot walking by. I then found a seat in the front and buckled in. Almost immediately, the plane started to move. I looked around to find Barry to make sure he got on. Surprisingly, I couldn't spot his red hair anywhere. As I looked I noticed a lot of the people had jet black hair in all sorts of designs I could have sworn I saw before. Black buns, spikes in all directions, even one with two small pigtails on top. Then I saw one, single blond, a simple pony tail. Then some Japanese looking business man sat by me. "Hello!" I greet him. He replies "Domo!" and looks away. Huh?!? That means 'hello' in JAPANESE!!! I take another look around and notice all the people around me is JAPANESE!!! All except the other blond, that is. Then the captain comes on and says "DOMO!!!" in an excited voice. "Welcome to Flight of Japan airlines. We will be traveling to the wondrous Tokyo. Thank you for joining us!" and then he says some other Japanese words I couldn't follow. "OMG!!!" Then it hits me! I just got on the wrong plane!!! And this one is taking me to a foreign country…….TOKYO, JAPAN!!!!!!!!!

To be continued…..