(Disaster Theorem For The Ribcage-Domino)

Cricket-jawed on the bone-swing of yesterday,
I counted the feet of the kindergarten chain gang
as their toes swept the astroturf
into a perpetual plastic clean.

This casually lethal game of chaos theory
– played by the butterfly ankles of children
who still believe tornadoes are fairy tales –
split my sternum to the sky;
the interrobang of my open ribcage
howling a bone-rag manifesto
on the consequence of naivety.

My exhibitionism grew a magnetic field
that gathered guttersnipe gawkers
– curious as to how I unzipped my skin.

Too young to understand responsibility,
I taught them windmill shoulder-whip rotation
and string theory cat's cradle complications
until our mathematical air felt consequential.

We foot-shuffle fissure-skipped cracked concrete,
friction rising to fill their atomic lungs
until their own chests burst skyward;
the aftermath of this trigger-snap succession
leaving the skeletal splay of their torsos
blooming above totemic spines.

This flesh-splinter rapture-dance
of an open-bodied cavalcade
demanded our skin be communal.

Rallying in artless tandem,
we biohacked our collective remains
into a leviathan of irreverent anatomy
– the pistol-guilt chamber of my heart
building itself into the ten tongued femur
of our hazardous cadaver assemblage.

Braiding together the zephyr-breath limbs
of our Rio De Janeiro inhabitant bodies,
we amalgamated into the stillness of gravity,
silently hallelujahing a marrow-mouthed cenotaph
for the cease-flutter allay of our ribcage wings.

(Author's Note: I wrote this... maybe a year ago? I've been editing and re-editing it ever since. It's too dense, but I'm posting it anyways, because I rather like it, despite its over-technical nature. Since most of you won't be up for the research to sort out all the little bits of meaning, here's a little help: This is heavily inspired by the idea of the Butterfly Effect, which is essentially a concept within Chaos Theory that small events can have large-scale effects. It's named for the idea that a butterfly fluttering its wings in Rio De Janeiro could cause a tornado in Chicago. There are also further references to Chaos Theory, the Domino Effect, String Theory and I can't even remember what all other bits of scientific theory.