I entered the room nervously, expecting to be greeted with angry words. However...

"Sit," ordered the headmaster. He had a grim look on his face, one that I would've considered funny if another person was in this situation. He clasped his hands together, his lips a tight, thin line. His round chubby face was red and he had his tie loosely around his neck. This was not the usual appearance for Mr Edward Grimlock, the headmaster of Black Holesly High. I started to get the jitters. The atmosphere was still and tense. You could even hear a pin drop on the floor.

Why did I feel like the bogeyman was going to pop up soon? It's not like I have not been in this kind of situation before. In fact, I have been inside the headmaster's office countless times. I could even memorize the cracks on the old building wall behind the headmaster's head. Usually, the headmaster would call me, warned me not to disturb the tranquillity of the school, and shooed me off. During previous meetings, I did not even sit on the chair. My warning bells started ringing when Mr. Grimlock told me to sit.

I tried to recall what I did to make him so upset. Was it the time when I locked the janitor inside the Janitor Closet? Or was it the food fight that I'd started in the cafeteria earlier this week? Maybe it was the graviti I did on the school wall that set Mr Grimlock off. That was the worst crime I'd committed that week.

Mr Grimlock opened his mouth.

"I didn't do it!" I exclaimed. Though it might not be true, but still, I didn't know what I was called for. Mr Grimlock raised his bushy left eyebrow. I envied him for that. I could never raise my eyebrow like him. How cruel is life?

"Did what Miss Davies?" asked the headmaster, his eyes set on me. I felt the flush crept up my cheeks. It was like he was seeing my brain pass my skull. I hated it when he gave me his 'x-ray vision'. It always gave me the creeps.

"Swapping the salt shaker with the pepper shaker," I said timidly, more of an inquiry. It was my latest prank yet. "That is why you called me here for, isn't it?" I continued, sorry to say, not so brave.

Mr Grimlock sighed.

"Miss Davies, how many times have I to repeat myself? Do not swap anything in this school. Not the paint colour in their containers, not the drinks in the cafeteria, and certainly not the salt and pepper shaker. Do you understand me?"

I nodded.

"Anyway, that is not the reason why I called you here for," Mr Grimlock continued. He opened his left drawer. I braced myself. Was he going to bring out a gun? Maybe he was too tired of me and thought I was better off dead. Adrenaline started to pump inside my body.

Mr Grimlock pulled out a large envelope and handed it to me. I was stunt. What, no guns? I was relieved and a bit disappointed. I took the envelope from his hand.

"What is it?" I asked, eyeing the back of the envelope. It was a blank envelope with no address on it.

"Open it," said Mr Grimlock with an air of mystery. I tore open the envelope. I am not what you would say, a polite girl. I tear what I like, belch when I want too and do all the stuffs that could put your mum in shame.

A letter was inside the large envelope. I read it, and could not believe what I'd just read. The headmaster smiled.

"Congratulations, Miss Davies, for achieving the top rank in your year. As a reward, the school has paid you a five days and four nights trip to Venice. I hope you'll make the trip as educational as possible."

I looked at the letter and plane ticket, looked at the headmaster, and back again. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" The headmaster asked. He laughed.

I was in the state or stupor for a few minutes longer. Then...

"Yes!" I shouted, jumping up and down. "Oh, thank you so much sir. Thank you. Venice... I don't know what to say. I...," I was so happy that I couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Do not thank me, Miss Davies. You deserved it. Even though you are the most problematic student we got here, you never fail to score high marks for you academics. Well done. I hope you will not give any problems to this school anymore."

"Well, I can't promise you that," I said impishly.