Involve me in your sadistic games of love...

Stir my inner feelings up just because you can
tell me that you've loved me since loving first began
interpret and control me just like every other man
love me till the end of time 'cos I'm your biggest fan
leave me stranded and alone, fulfil your perfect plan.

Captivate my heart and soul and stick to them like glue
allow me to return to when our hearts were beating true
now we're in that place again and I'm no longer blue
that is until once more, my dear, you bid me your adieu.

Lean on me when you're fed up, you know I'll always stay
emanate security and steal my heart away
tell me that you need me each and every day.

You yell my name into the clearest of skies
only you're just killing time until you can claim your next prize
using me should come as no surprise.

Goodbyes are forever, Itoshii Hito
ne day you'll regret letting me go...

A/N: I don't particularly like the 'you' stanza - it doesn't follow the previous structure really but then I kind of like that it shows the change... please review and let me know what you think. (: