I got this idea from when I was researching paganisim. I got the idea of It from some of H.P. Lovecraft's stories. (My ultimate favorite author.) Tell me what you think about It. What do you think It is? Tell me your thoughts!! I might even start a contest of what you think it looks like. (I'll work out the details later.)

This is Not Real

"IT. IS. NOT. REAL. MOTHER," I screamed at her. I stood up from where I was sitting, watching a cassette, and glared at my mother with a look of total hatred. "I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SILLY STUPID RITUALS! I'M NOT GOING TO JOIN YOUR PRIETESSHOOD! I'M GOING TO MAKE MY OWN DAMN DECISIONS!"

My mother glared at me with a twin look of pure hatred. I could see her face turn as red as her flaming hair. Her eyes started to blaze with the flames of Hell and I almost balked and turned away from her stare, but I stood my ground and looked her straight in the eye.

"How dare you! You insolent young child! You are at no age to make decisions on your own. I can decide what to do with your body. You had no right to do what you did last night. I just pray to Morgana that she will accept you in your filthy, defiled body!"

"I can my own decisions! I'm freakin' EIGHTEEN! Why don't you just call it what it is?! I had SEX with Dave last night. I had SEX! Oh, no some UNREAL goddess isn't going to accept me into her special group of crack heads. Someone call Cernunnos and warn him I've been a baaaaad girl. It's not the frickin' end of the world mom!"

"You watch your tongue Eliza! You are going through with the initiation tomorrow on your Birth moon and that's final!"

"My name's Lizzy and no, I am not! I'll back over to Dave's if I have to. I'm not joining your group of cracked adults. It's not right to let people do stuff like the stuff you do. None of your spells even work, Mom! Just give it up, it's not real!"

I stomped out of the living room and went into my room. I slammed my door as hard as I could and turned on my ancient stereo. I turned it up as loud as it could go and flopped onto my bed. I closed my eyes and realized that my speakers would probably blow at that volume, but I didn't care. Dave could always fix it. As Death Shroud moaned into my ear, I came to a conclusion.

My mother was nuts. She was as cracked as the Liberty Bell. She should go to a white building with people in white suits that give away white jackets. She actually believed that the spells that she 'cast' were real. Believe me, they don't work. She's done everything from love spells to making a person drop dead. She tried to kill the postman who kept tearing open our mail and even writing his own perverted comments on our mail. For two months nothing happened and while he was on vacation he happened to get stung by a jellyfish and died from the poison. It couldn't have been from her 'spell' he would have dropped dead where ever he been at the time she cast it.

I got up and listened at my door to see if my mom was in the hallway. When I didn't hear anything other than some low chanting, I grabbed my backpack from my desk chair and climbed out my window. I silently made my way down the fire escape of our building and took down the alleyway. It was a good thing that Dave lived just a couple of blocks away from me, since I don't have a car.

As I came near the end of the alleyway I thought I heard something and I looked over my shoulder expecting a rat. There were tons of the filthy little animals in this part of town and I tried to stay out of the dark places, avoiding them. My friend Rosa got rabies once, from when a rat had bit her. She didn't come to school for a week, she was so sick.

Anyways, when I looked behind I didn't see anything so I guessed the little beast had run into the sewer system. I kept walking and when I was about six feet away from the end of the alley I heard a louder noise and I quickly turned around in my karate stance. There was nothing there except there seemed to be a fog in the alley that hadn't been there before. It was late. The river could have belched it out when I had started my journey.

I thought I saw a large rat staring at me through the fog but when I looked closer it wasn't there anymore. I shrugged and figured that my mind was playing tricks on me. I continued walking, possibly a bit brisker, until I got to the end of the alley. I quickly pivoted on my heel to look down the long alley and the fog was gone. I blinked several times trying to figure out what had happened to it when I thought I heard a footstep right beside me.

I turned around and saw the most horrible, terrific sight. It appeared to look slightly humanoid but there was something so outlandish about It that I could not recognize It as of any race on this earth. There were holes in the skin and I could see the bones of Its body and they appeared quite yellow as if with great age. That was when I got a good whiff of It and I felt sick from the decaying stench that came off of It. Then It grinned and spoke to me. It's grin looked like it cracked Its face in half and true enough I though I could see down the deep throat. It had such a large mouth, almost as if It could eat a cow whole.

"Your Mother wishes to speak to you, Young Mistress. I am to escort you to her dwelling." It spoke very carefully and hoarsely for some reason and I wondered why until I saw that Its tongue ended in a six-inch barb. It was serrated on each side too, almost like a bread knife.

"Do I need to repeat myself? She did not tell me that you are dumb. Your—Mother—wishes—to—speak—to—you. I—am—to—escort—you."

I stared at It with wide eyes probably as big as my Birth moon. I was speechless for a moment before turning with the hope of running away. I didn't even get a foot away before It grabbed me with inhuman strength and held me tight. The stench was so unbearable that I lost me senses for a moment. I could feel the bile rising in my throat. When I realized that I could scream for help, I was about to open my mouth when the creature put a hand over my mouth and the stench was stronger with Its hand covering my mouth.

I'm afraid to say that was when I fainted at the first meeting I had with Nísura.