they always warned me about my expectations
don't set them so low, they said.


i never thought of you
as one of those guys.

you know, the ones who
turn gorgeous in the blink
of an eye (even though
you look the same as you
did three seconds ago

and i never expected
to crave your company
so intensely.
but suddenly, you were
my sunlight, my oxygen,
the music flowing though
my headphones.

where were you all my life?
(oh that's right, you
were standing
right next to me

no, oh no, baby, i never
meant to tell you how
breathtaking your eyes
were; my inhibitions
were just sort of thrown
out the window when
you looked at me like that.

and i never meant to
touch you; my hand just
sort of slipped through
your hair and down your
neck, over your chest.

and i didn't mean to open
myself up so widely.
(if i were your favorite
novel, my spine would be
cracked to breaking point.

i didn't try to claim you as
my own; you just sort of
slipped into place. and
no, darling, i never
expected to love you.