I will never forget that day. That day where you looked me in the eyes with such intensity, and I automatically knew something was up. I tried so desperately to prevent you from saying the words perched upon your tongue, but they were out before I could do anything.

"Maybe it's best if we weren't friends."

Why, I asked you. But, as always, you never answered. You walked away with a glimmer of pity in your eyes. You pitied me, but not enough to stay.

I kept my calm for the rest of the day. Forced smiles came easily to me, and no one at school could tell something was wrong. But the minute my foot hit the floor of my bedroom, I cracked down. For the past three years you had meant everything to me. To walk away after all we shared, trying to pretend to didn't careā€¦. That was pure torture.

That night, after crying for a few hours straight, I made a vow to never open my heart up to anyone ever again. Including people I assumed were "just friends". I would be alone, for the rest of my life. That way I would be from the pain I felt when someone walked away.