Five weeks later and my life is functioning perfectly. Well, as perfectly as it is able to with a chunk of my life missing. At first, my friends tried to force me out of my solitude, but I resisted enough times that they all gave up. I don't think I have had a passing glance in the hallway for a whole week now. Excellent.

I have discovered what it is like to have so much free time. Before, I was always with him, but now I am able to get all of my homework done. Grades in all of my classes are improving significantly, which a lot of my college professors boast about. They're not truly proud of my grades, though. Oh no. They just like to boast about the grades to the other teachers, pretending that they're better than others.

Gah. People annoy me so much. I wonder what would happen if I simply hid in my room all day and learned my lessons from there. I don't have a roommate to bother me, my parents made sure of that.

Ah. Dear old mum and dad. Always expecting the best of me. They went crazy when I had told them that I was head over heels in love with that boy. Wonder what they would say now. "I told you so". I can hear the sarcasm in my mother's voice now. Right after saying that she'd probably sneak off into her bedroom to meet her boy of the day. Such a hypocrite, she is. Tells me to focus on my school work, and that boys are a waste of time, but she's screwed half the county. What's worse is that she is under the false pretense that my father and I don't know.

- - - -

"Laine?" My teacher calls my attention to the front of the classroom, where he is standing idly at the projection on the wall. "Would you mind interpreting this graph for me?"

"Yes sir," I saw as I quickly scan the graph. "It's the residual plot for the problem we just did, emphasizing that the linear model is a good fit for the data, because of the random scatter of the points."

My teacher nodded, looking quite pleased with me. Other students shot me dirty glances, most likely because they themselves had not read the chapters our statistics teacher had assigned us.

At that moment, the door opened, letting a cool breeze in. My teacher didn't bother to glance up, because people were often late to classes. Usually, I didn't glance to see who was late, either. I did today, though, and the face I saw startled me. I knew all 67 kids in my class, but this kid… he was new. And for some reason, the only person he could focus on was me.

I glanced down quickly at my textbook, hoping that he would not become interested in getting to know me. Maybe if he did, I would just simply let him know I wasn't interested. Sure enough, the boy made his way over to sit next to me.

"Hey, I'm Kevin," he offered with a brief smile.

"Hey. Laine. The pleasure is all yours, I'm sure. Now if you excuse me, I would prefer to listen to the teacher."

"Oh. Of course."

It was quite apparent to me that he was offended by my rudeness, but I simply didn't care. I had avoided talking to people for quite a time, and I wasn't going to abandon that simply because of a new boy who was actually really cute. No siree.

At the end of the class, Kevin was relentless. He followed me down the stairs, trying to strike up a conversation whenever he became near me. I kept walking faster and faster until finally he just gave up altogether. I gave myself a pat on the back, while heading to my dorm. The lawns of the university were quite packed on this sunny day, so it took me longer than usual to arrive to my cozy little dorm.

In the hallway, plenty of people were just sitting along the walls, talking to their friends like they hadn't seen them in ages. I rolled my eyes, while shoving someone out of the way to reach my door. Once inside, I laid my plaid coat onto the chair sitting nearest to the door, and immediately headed over to my desk. My walls were so insulated that I could not hear the ruckus coming out from the hallway..

Here I was. All alone, as usual.