Well I do need the money. I thought to myself after I hung up the phone. Mrs. Blane had called asking if I could baby-sit her children for her on Saturday. She just moved into our neighbor hood about three days ago and said that she could use the day off to do some errands and have some time to herself. Which I don't blame her. With five kids and a new house and just recently got divorced I would want some time to myself too. And it's not like I'll be missing out on anything. All my friends have gone away for the weekend so I was just going to chill at home anyways.

The only thing I didn't like about it though was that there was five kids. Five. That's a lot of kids. And from what I heard they were all under the age of 13. But she said she'd give me ten dollars for each kid. So there's fifty dollars right there. And I don't mind baby-sitting. It's usually fun with the little kids. If they are well behaved. And from what Mrs. Blane seems I think they will be. Well I have just one more day until I find out. Hopefully this will turn out to be an extremely easy job and therefore an extremely easy fifty dollars which I can save for whatever.

The next day at about 12 o'clock I got up from my bed. (I like to sleep late so sue me) And got ready to go over to Mrs. Blane's house. Getting my bag I packed coloring books, crayons, puzzles, some of my favorite kid movies, and toys. Then I grabbed my phone and iPod and headed to her house. When I got to her door I ran the door bell. I heard many footsteps. It sounded like elephants. I smiled. These kids were probably going to be lots of fun. Then the door opened and a tired but attractive woman who looked to be in her thirties smiled at me.

"Hello darling you must be Millicent. My baby-sitter?" She said.

"That I am ma'am." I said.

"Oh just call me Claire. And come in come in. The children just can't wait to meet you." She said and motioned me inside her home.

"This place is very beautiful Mrs. Blane.. I mean Claire." I said politely

"Thank you very much honey. Well my phone number is on the fridge and there's food in there too and help yourself with anything. There's the TV in the living room and a phone in the dining room. Toys are in the children's bedrooms..... BOYS!!!" She said hurriedly. Then four very adorable boys came into the room.

"There you are" Mrs. Blane said. "Well boys this is your baby-sitter she's going to be in charge of you while I'm gone okay?" They all nodded their heads in unison with huge smiles on their faces. God they were so adorable! I couldn't help but smile myself.

"Okay. So Millicent let me introduce you to my children. The tallest one here, Matt, he's ten years old, then the one with the dark brown hair? Yes he's Christopher and he's eight. Then there's Kyle he's the one with the black hair he is six years old. And the littlest one there he's Logan and he's three years old." She said.

"Um. Hello Kyle, Matt, Chris, and Logan. Nice to meet you all." I said with a smile. They all said hello back.

"You're hot!" exclaimed Chris pointing at me. I laughed and ruffled his hair.

"You're not to bad yourself buddy. Crush any girls hearts lately?" I teased him and he giggled.

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