I went outside to sit on the steps to catch my breath and to compose myself. Taking deep breaths in through my nose and out my mouth, I slowly started to calm down. Though, the terrible despondent feeling I had acquired was not going away. I was extremely confused. I couldn't tell if my heart was stuck in my neck or my stomach. All I knew was I felt emptiness from where it should have been. Suddenly, I felt a body wrap its arms around me and I smiled at Logan.

"hey buddy." I greeted him, nuzzling his head in my neck.

"Ethan.. Ethan, likes you." he said simply then got up and went inside. I stared at him shocked. Obviously he doesn't if he has a girlfriend... Also, depending how long he has had this this... Girlfriend. -I could feel the distaste in my mouth as I said that- he could have cheated on her with.. Me. So many thoughts where runnin through my head when I finally realized that I was here to take care of four gorgeous and amazing children and that was what I was going to do. Screw Ethan. I have his brothers. If he wants to be a complete jerk. Then so be it. And with this new founded confidence in my mind I stood up, took a deep breathe and walked inside. The boys were all sitting in front of the television watching some show tha I had not heard of. I smiled at them and turned to the kitchen. It was past 3 so I was sure they were hungry, and I was in the mood for some delicious chocolate chip pancakes. Nothing is better than breakfast in the afternoon. Once I started stirring the ingredients together to make the thick batter I felt the presence of someone at the end of the counter. I stopped and put my spoon on the edge of the plate and turned to face the new-comer.

"Hi." the girl said to me.

"Uh, hi." I retorted back not to pleasantly.

"Ethan told me a lot about you." she then said with a smirk.

"Did he now? If you're who I think you are I have heard quite a sum amount about you as well." I already didn't like her and it wasn't because she stole my potential... Whatever. It was just the persona she gave off, she radiated... Well.. Bitch. That's what she was.

"oh! Well, I bet it was just wonderful things!" she said with a big smile.

"oh, certainly. He called you a princess all the time." I said with a nonplussed smiled thinking of the story that Ethan had told me before.

"OF course he did, I wish I could say the same about you though. Actually, all he really had to say was terrrible terrible things. He would always tell me how you would beg his mom to let you babysit them. It was really sad. And how you would stare at him for hours on ed. Just having a little baby crush on him and was practically in love with him. But looking at you now I can tell that you're not like that at all and you're actually a really really nice and pretty girl!" She said in the shortness of a breath. My world just about shatter. I had almost believed her. Almost, but then I saw it. The slight eye movement to the left. She was lying. A smile crept onto my face.

"Do you really feel that insecure about yourself that you just had to come down here and lie straight to my face? You are pathetic. I can see right through you. And YOU are the one that is sad. I know what you did to Ethan. He told me everything. And quite frankly you do not deserve him at all. You don't deserve anyone. And what ever you did to get him to take you back you sure all fricken lucky. I hope he sees through you as well and finds out that you haven't changed and you're not worth his time." I told her letting my frustrations of the past days just come out on her. I didn't feel one bit bad about it either. Her face contorted into a look of hurt. She huffed a couple times then just got up and ran out of the house. I felt accomplished.


I really didn't want to continue writing because a lot of bad things happened and then my computer broke for months so I figured I lost a lot of readers ):
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Hopefully you like it. I konw it's short but I really wwanted to get this out.