Sitting on my own


The noise rises up all around,

People speaking- no.

Talking. Not speaking.

Doing their utmost not to speak.

People all around, everywhere

Talking walking skating

Through this joke

Wish it away with a smoke

Of green



Unconquered except you are.

But the fear is too near

So you banish the tear

And move on to the song

Which tells you you're alright.

Except you know that you're not.

So you bury your body

And plant your head in the sky

And fly where you are no more.

To where you can finally say

"I'm fucked up."

Except you're more right than you know.

I sit here as the jester once again.

The noise has not changed but in frequency.

Jesting the darkened sky

Without a thought as to why

Because there's a god there.

And the children have been killed for a reason

This season is different

And God is indifferent

But now is the time to conform

But he's not the one to reform

That's our job.

There's no god that murders

There's no fate as juror

No dest'ny as butcher

Only Death the Destroyer

And us.

We among the powers that be

Us controlling our destiny

The best of me

Reality is up to me

My memory

Is flawed.

I remain here.

Sitting among you.


The noise has ceased,

But naught has changed.

The shackles weigh on my arms

But the chain is missing,

Gone like the wind of a cool summer's breeze

I'm free

And no longer among you.

I am simply amongst you.

Author's Note: Tried some new things with this. If you note anything that is a direct quote of Saul Williams, please alert me- I used his poetry as inspiration for this, and I think a few lines might be direct quotes. Anyhow, I'm gonna memorize this, film myself, and upload it to YouTube at some point. So if you like it, watch my channel for it!