Au Revoir, my friend

My beautiful, magical friend

My wingman, my partner

In crime. My illusionist

My magician

Au revoir, I bid you my farewell

With tears upon my face

And a frown, to my disgrace

I cannot stand it any longer

I miss you so.

You left behind a life that

You sacrificed everything for

I wish you no ill omen

For you were my favorite

Of us all.

I wish you no ill

I bade you farewell

I want no harm to pass you

But, I know that's what you want

You like adventure

The kind where the protagonist

Defeats the antagonist

And he gets the girl.

You were the protagonist

She was the girl

She's crying somewhere now

And you watch her close now.

Or else, I'll not be any happier quicker

We love you

We all love you

Remember us well,

As we honor your name

We do justice to you

So put in a good word to the big

Red man for me, would you?

I'll love you for it

See you later

My surprising friend

My beautiful friend

My best friend


I got called this afternoon from my best friend's mother who said that he (my friend) died in a car accident. I'm keeping up with my goal, just...yeah.

Fucking bloody Tuesdays...