(i am so,
so alive.)

silver threads much like
spider silk hook and claw their
way into my paper-mache-flesh,
suspending me in the air like some
school child's planetary representation.
i am beautiful for a moment, and i
dance the ball-jointed ballet of a girl
in love, dangling from your peeling, saw-dusted

(i am a galaxy, twisting and spiraling like your outstretched fingers…
you are the sun, the center of my being)

dipping and swirling like scrap of
paper dancing dizzily in the wind,
bouncing these skirts, legs like
tight-clad swan necks, flowing all over
the stage, wooden sockets ache earnestly in
rebellion to this serpent's dance played to
the melody of your heartbeat and the sound
of my ashy limbs clicking together

(i am melting wax, drooping down in the gesture of a bow…
you are my flame, eating away at the whole of me)

and then the velvet curtain closes.
(and then the light fades from your eyes.)
and then the applause dies down.
(and then you forget that you are alive, and i
remember that i am
nothing inside.)