sweltering white heat suffocates with
blinding fingers like great, curved bars
of hot iron. i am so somberly filled with
shoebox memories and naïve dreams
that have been destroyed and sun-crisped
at the edges. i vomit the cool blue of a once-upon-a-time
popsicle and let in run down my chest because it
feels nice against the bubbling blisters of my lobster-flesh.
bikini straps snap against my skin like a flagellant's whip,
and i pinch at excess flesh like some deranged and
disappointed crustacean. hair is matted with sweat and
sunscreen, though some preserve beauty in their flawless tans,
flaunting bleached hair and teeth and fried brain cells.
i am the girl in unraveling shorts with the shit-stained eyes,
feeding the seagulls her lunch and feeding herself hearty lies.