[eyes shift]

you smile and
the apples of your cheeks
make me want to kiss you
without shame, without
inhibitions, without thought.

[pupils dilate]

i shiver. [every time you say my name.]
the once plain and unassuming letters,
tripping over the tongues of others, are
made beautiful and splendid as they flow from
your cherry-stained lips.

[breathing increases, decreases, stops]

you make my insides feel
like maggots and mush and butterflies
all at once, my cheeks fill with hot blood,
the air catches in my throat as if
snagged by ragged thorns, and i
can't breathe when you look me in the eye.

[skin tingles]

my words are rushed, my breathing hushed,
and my skin just aching to be touched.

[heartbeat accelerates]

i love, love, love you…is that okay?

[cheeks flush]

your shoulders feel like coat hangers, bones
protruding so violently under your sweet,
coconut-fruit flesh.

[fingers tremble]

you are the most
stunning, sweet, witty,
talented, adorable, handsome
boy that i have ever known.

[i'm pretty sure i love you]