Creamy skin, black hair.

His smile reaches his lips

But his eyes are still, piercing.

My heart beats faster.

Does he notice?

Does he know he has

This affect on me?

Searching for an answer to an

Unknown question.

Trying to read my face.

I look away,

I can't lie to that face,

So open,

To those deep, golden brown eyes

That glint with curiosity and humour.

I turn back to see a smile,

The same smile, and I hear

His laugh,

One that always makes me shiver.

His eyes are smoldering,

Burning through me.

Do they miss anything?

Do they see my pain, my flaws?

Can they see what I have seen

With mine, the grief, the joy?

When he looks at me,

Seconds turn to hours,

Everything fades,

Sounds fall deaf on my ears.

The classroom empties of

Everyone else.

Only he and I.

I, young and foolish…

I wash away the feeling

With a shake of my head.

He has moved

To the front of the room,

Not glancing at me anymore.

I listen to the myriad

Of friendly voices around, relaxing.

I try to get back to work, but I can't

Concentrate, and the page stays blank.

I hear only his laugh.

I see only his face, his smile,

And his eyes, those deep eyes,

Burning into my soul ...

Pulling me in deeper…

The bell rings, waking me from

My daydreams.

He is looking at me,

The same puzzlement on his face.

How are you today he asks me.

He always asks me this.

I never know if he wants

This question,

Or another?

Does he know I

Can't lie

To him?

I try but it never works

I long to tell him,

But he never asks the

Right questions.

Could I if he did?

Could I force my face to lie?

My body, to lie to him?

I look at him,

At his face, his skin looks so smooth.

Is it? Could I touch it?

At his arms,

Oh, those arms,.

They look strong.

Are they?

Could I feel them around me,

Holding me, just once?


Words echo through my head.




They linger painfully, truthfully.

I'm fine I lie

As I look away,

As I walk away,

His eyes burning into me.