Paid by Death

Bitter cries filled the morgue

Dozens of dead bodies lay a froze.

Families gather on the cadavers

of the ones who've left them in despair.


My knees began to weaken

as I frantically searched

for my beloved, my one.


No it can't be him!

My eyes were already red

puffy and almost drooping

yet tears came rushing

as I caught a sight

of his mutilated flesh.

I broke down.

Just because of a flick of mistake

a fault of one

but then many paid the consequence.

Even innocent ones were not spared

the oblivious

and even this little boy

my little boy.


Note: This is inspired by a scene I saw earlier. O.o! Poor woman. . I really adore mothers since they're sort of do everything for their kids. Wohoo! Reviews are greatly accepted as well as suggestions and comments. ^^ Good day to yah all peepz!