Bucket List

Ten things to do before I die

1. Graduate High School

2. Move out of my Parents House (No 30 year old smelly guy/girl living in their parent's basement for me.)

3. Go on a Road trip (to anywhere)

4. Try something daring. (Like sky/cliff diving or extreme snow boarding or something)

5. Swim with a dolphin (or a shark because that would be slightly cooler.)

6. See the seven wonders of the Ancient world. (Modern and Underwater seven wonders are just lame.)

7. be fluent in a foreign language. (French or Spanish… or German because I would enjoy to sound angry no matter what I say.)

8. Be in a Broadway Musical or in a movie (even if it is that person that is just standing there holding banana or the person you see walking by the main actors.)

9. Write a novel.

10. Solve world hunger. (Someone needs to do it.)