Mo Anam Cara

By: Cassandra Lee Freiborg


I have often wondered about the past and the future and how magic came to be. At the heart of it all I am human, just like the Ceangail who live across the forest. And yet we war. My kind, the Asarlaí or 'conjurer,' know only how to create. The Ceangail know only how to 'bind'. Many years ago there was a balance the scholars tell stories of; and the bards sing tales of a time when all was one. But now…all that is known is destruction. The Codagh dar data Scríos- the War of Destruction was my ancestors' legacy and we owed it only to fear. In a land of impossible things the only thing to fear was the unknown. The Ceangail, many years ago, had learned to fear us. What they do not realize is their ability to balance out the powers. Two halves of a whole, slowly destroying each other; what would it take to bring peace? To know síocháin…the halves must be whole again, but at what cost? A magic so beautiful torn asunder could not fit together again so easily. Not without a cost. I see flames in my future; do they see anything but the past?

~ Lidda Asarlaí

Heiress to the Throne