The chocolate covered candy bar is sitting
Open, bitten once,
At the edge of my desk

I can't bring myself to bite it again,
Now under such
Unhappy terms.

Now, I can't eat the candy bar
Because this stifling silence
Is parching up my throat
And I just wouldn't even enjoy it.

And I want to enjoy my candy bar, dammit!

It makes me mad how
One look
Could make this

One small bicker
And now I can't eat my
Precious candy bar.

I hated how she could make me feel this way.
How she could twist what I said
And not even take the time to get what I mean.

My mouth starts to water
from the taste of what could have been
But no, I can't.

Only she would know
How to ruin a candy bar.

apr. 22, 09