On a rocking ship

In the middle of

A roiling sea.

A sea of

Tossing waves

Howling winds

Dark and

Stormy skies

And endless rain.

You feel the sun

Will never shine again

That you will never

Be safe again.


Just when you're ready

To give up on life

And jump head first

Into those oh so tempting waters

You see a glow

Along that far away


The shine

Of hope dawning

And then the sun is up

And everything has


The peace you get

With the going of the

Passing storm.

A/N-- I had to write this. All of the trouble with my friends are starting to come to an end. I have to be thankful for that. I didn't want to have to leave all of them, but before, there didn't see to be any other choice. I was getting hurt. My other friends were getting hurt. But, this is what it is like. A storm. and it seems to be passing. Amen.