A Day in the Life of Angie May


Angie May is an 8-year old girl who goes to Birksville Elementary. One day she finds a mouse in her bedroom and, well, you'll see…

Ch.1 Angie May

*beep, beep, beep* "Sush!" Angie snapped at her alarm clock. She hit it so hard, she couldn't tell if she hit the off button or it broke. She rolled out of bed onto the carpet. She banged her head on the bedside. "Ow!" She screamed. She groaned like an old dog. Angie May rolled over so she was facing her bed. She could see underneath it. Something was moving. Being the bold 8- year old that she was, she shoved her arm under her bed and grabbed it. She found in her hand a bleary-looking mouse. After she got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed her hair and teeth and grabbed her backpack (holding the mouse), she saw her mother's look, which was saying: Angie May, you get that thing out of here this instant! "Yes mom," she replied. She miserably walked outside to wait for the bus. She was about to put the mouse down when she instinctively stuffed it into her bag. Angie May takes things to school that her mom asks her to get rid of often. One time she brought a spider to school that got loose on the bus and "accidentally" got into her archenemy, Cynthia Mitskoff's, bag, who screeched like a 2 year old. Anyway, she hopped on the bus and got into an argument with Cynthia. By the time the bus pulled up to the school, Angie had forgotten about the little mouse (who was now quivering in her backpack). She put her backpack in her locker and ran to class without giving it a second thought.

Ch. 2: Mouse

The mouse, still shivering like an earthquake, scurried out of the bag the second Angie closed the door. He followed his extraordinary sense of smell to an old, moldily blue, piece of nine-day old bread. The mouse, starving, ate the bread before he could even think about the funky smell that filled the locker. He scurried out through a vent in the 3' x1' piece of metal, off to explore the horrid world that most people call school.

Ch. 3: Angie

After being yelled at in homeroom for arguing with what her teacher called "perfect angel Cynthia," Angie went to math class, where her teacher yelled a the poor 8-year old again for not finishing the college-level, 89-page, math homework. "Angie May," her teacher said, "I give you a simple, tiny little challenge and you tell me that you can't finish it? Birksville School is about a high level of academic achievement, and I will NOT accept failures like you!" She snapped. "Now, we will have a pop-test today and it counts for ¾ of your grade, even though you never studied, Wahhahahaha!" their teacher laughed maniacally.

Ch. 4: Mouse

Meanwhile, the forgotten mouse that had snuck out of Angie's locker (about as quietly as an elephant), scurried down the hallway to the cafeteria, where Ms. Mush made broccoli-mushroom-yucko-casserole surprise. The mouse slurped some up, and then spit out the foul taste, that not even a mouse could tolerate, into the trash can. As he coughed the horrid taste up, he tumbled over into the garbage. Just then the maintenance man, trying to get out of the kitchen as quickly as possible, grabbed the trash and fled out of the room before the mouse could even figure out what was going on. He bumped into several walls and tripped out into the math classroom just as the kids were pouring out. The trash can tumbled over, sending the trash in every direction. The dazzled and dizzy mouse spilled out into a pile of who-knows-what, just as Angie May was walking out, trying to step on Cynthia Mitskoff's heels.

Ch. 5: Angie

A few classes later, Angie and her friends Staci and Dazzle went to lunch. Luckily for them, they all brought lunch, because the casserole surprise looked about as appetizing as a toad. The children all groaned as they sat down. "Don't you guys just LOVE math class?" "Oh, yeah. Our teacher, Ms. Green is SO nice," Dazzle replied to Staci sarcastically. "Hey, best friends!" Cynthia said to them in a saccharine voice. "What do you want Stinkia?" asked Angie. "I was just trying to be nice to you, but I guess SOME people can't seem to accept an apology." Cynthia, who had never intended to apologize at all, ever, stormed off like she was actually angry. As she passed by Angie she knocked the apple out of her hand so that it fell on the casserole-surprise-stained floor. "Oh, yeah, really nice Stinkia," Said Staci.

Ch. 6: Mouse

From the math classroom, the mouse scurried to the other end of the school to find something edible to eat. As he walked into the cafeteria, he thought about all the nasty foods he'd had that day: rotten bread, casserole-surprise; the thoughts made his stomach sick. Was it actually possible to have three foods that bad in one day? He didn't have time to answer that question though, because the dangers of 2nd Grade lunch time are no place for a mouse to be involved in. He got pushed over by a cart, tumbled over a grape, knocked into a table leg, and nearly stepped on by a cafeteria lady. The mouse saw something that caught his eye. Could it be? It was. A red, glistening apple. Oh, how scrumptious it looked. He dodged his way past the kids, who were now lining up for recess and finally got to his beloved apple. He took a giant bite and let his overgrown teeth sink into it. Finally, he thought, edible food.

Ch. 7: Angie

Angie made her way to the geography classroom. "Ok. Class," the teacher said. "I know Ms. Green gave you a bit of a hard time in math this morning, but my schedule does call for a pop-quiz. But I do feel sorry for you guys, so why don't you all just take the rest of the day off and go home. Enjoy life." The shy and timid Sarah Sitkoff raised her hand. "Yes, Sarah?" Ms. Hacket asked. "Really?" asked Sarah. "No, of course not really," she replied, "have you ever heard of a nice teacher at school? Yeah, right, as if that will ever happen."

Ch. 8: Mouse

Still dazed by his apple, the now satiated mouse waddled past the classrooms trying to find a map of the school so that he could get back to the locker. Geography looked like his best bet. He snuck into the open door. The desk, he thought. He went over to the teacher's desk to look for a map. The teacher straightened out the collected quiz papers and put them on her desk, when she noticed the large bump moving under the papers, enhanced by the mouse tail. She screamed. Actually, she dropped her coffee mug which shattered on the floor and startled the mouse (who had just found a school map) and then she screamed. The frightened mouse darted into the hallway and back to Angie's locker. Which he recognized immediately by its foul scent.

Ch. 9: Angie

"MOUSE!" The teacher's high-pitched scream rang throughout the school. She ran out the door. Oh no, Angie thought. Mouse? She gasped. The 3:00 p.m. dismissal bell rang. She darted past Cynthia knocking her over (not exactly accidentally) and ran to her locker. She flung the door open and out came (on top of her head) a moldy, blue piece of 9-day old bread. There, in the bottom of her locker, lying innocently was the cutest mouse she had ever seen. "Hey, little guy." She said to the exhausted and flabbergasted mouse. "I can't believe I forgot about you. You must've been bored to death stuck in this locker all day."

Epilogue: Where are they now?

Well, long story short, without the permission of her mother, Angie kept the poor mouse – and named it, well, Moose. Yeah, I know. If you were a mouse named Moose, you would join some kind of club for badly named pets. And that's just what poor Moose did. In the M.A.F.B.N.M. (Mouse's Association For Badly Named Mice), mice squeak at their owners all day until they change their names. So Angie changed his name seven times:





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Squash – by that time poor Squash diiii – I mean gave up. Yeah, that's it. Sure.